10 Latest Mobile Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

Smartphone usage is growing over the years and it appears that it is also shaping trends in the mobile marketing industry. Since customers are taking advantage of the convenience that their mobile phones are offering when buying products, businesses are focusing on targeting these buyers through different channels. 

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What this means is that competition in the mobile industry will be tougher compared to before. This is where keeping an eye on the next decade technology trends in mobile marketing will come in handy. 

10 Upcoming Trends in Mobile Marketing to Watch Out For

Although the number of mobile phones sold in the United States is expected to drop, its usage will still continue to grow. What this upward trend indicates is that mobile phone marketers are going to come up with ways on how to keep their services and products visible to these mobile users. That said, it is possible that we will be seeing these top 10 technologies in 2021 being utilized more.

  • 5G. 

  • 5G is believed to open more doors for businesses that are going online since this technology guarantees more bandwidth for its users. Additionally, 5G makes it easier to stream HD and even download HD videos which can be useful for companies who want to build better ads. We are seeing smartphones that are 5G already with many flagships already running in the 5G network. Although the 5G tech is yet to be rolled out in other countries, we can expect that once this network is up and running, people will be experiencing better smartphone usage since everything works fast and smoothly too.

  • Cybersecurity 

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    The future of mobile technology by 2021 will definitely involve better cybersecurity. This is in line with the ongoing pandemic and its effects on the consumer industry. With people switching from shopping in malls to online, securing their personal information is needed. Tougher security measures must be offered by online businesses to secure a sale from potential customers. Keep in mind that hackers are taking advantage of the situation these days to dupe people. This is why beefing up mobile cybersecurity is among the upcoming trends in 2021.

  • Additional Payment Methods 

  • Normal payment methods these days revolve around ATMs, debit, and credit cards. However, a lot of customers are demanding that digital payments be allowed in stores such as the one that Apple is offering or using PayPal just to name a few. Companies are using captured credits where customers can purchase credits from the store and use it to pay off their purchases online or in-store. These credits cannot be used outside of the company hence there is a guarantee for the store that their customers will purchase from them. PlayStation is already utilizing this platform where people can buy PS credits to shop for games online.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • Virtual Reality headsets are quite in demand these days as consumers want to get an immersive experience while they are stuck at home. Businesses can utilize this by creating VRs of their stores to help customers feel as if they are shopping on site. Augmented reality headsets, on the other hand, are crucial for companies who want to give their customers more control over their purchases by being able to try out their products. Just imagine being able to try out a sofa or paint in AR to see whether it will be compatible with your home without actually leaving.

  • Local Targeted Marketing 

  • Local target marketing ads in mobile phones are going to be big in 2021 as businesses will be shifting their products online where most of their customers are found. Think of this as an optimization method where it is combined with a location tool to help companies target specific customers that they think will be interested in their products and services. Some marketing specialists are also integrating voice searches in their local target marketing strategy since smartphone users are more likely to do voice searches when in need of something online. Focusing on local customers through this type of marketing strategy is a smart move given that people are often glued to their devices all the time.

  • Mobile Ads will be on the Rise

  • Companies are sure to be pouring their money into developing mobile ads to attract customers. This is a smart move given that shoppers are relying on their smartphones and tablets more these days. However, it will be difficult to break through here as the market will be quite saturated with ads in different niches. It would be a mistake to think that SEOs for both computers and mobile phones will be the same. This is not always so as the top search words are sure to be different based on the platform used.

  • Mobile Usage Will Go Up 

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    It is not surprising that mobile users will go up over the years. An average user can spend up to 5 hours on his or her phone each day. This makes it highly likely for customers to purchase from a shop that has an online platform on Facebook, Instagram, or any website for that matter that they can view from their handheld device. Companies will need to find ways to make their sites more engaging to their customers to seal the deal. Of course, it is important that these sites be optimized for both computers and mobile devices to reach more customers whatever platform they are using. And since there is still an ongoing health crisis, the use of smartphones for doing tasks and other essentials are sure to go up. This is the perfect opportunity for businesses to bring their wares online.

  • Blockchain Smartphones 

  • Blockchain devices are among the future trends that we will see in the mobile industry. Also referred to as distributed-apps, these may look like the applications that we download on our devices. The only difference is that they use P2P networks rather than servers from big companies. It is still early to tell in what way this technology can be of use. However, it does sound promising since it offers more security and giving control of assets and information to consumers making it difficult for them to be reached by mobile advertisements. This is something that companies might want to look into.

  • Commerce in Social Media 

  • What other next decade technology trends will we see? Since there is a shift in where consumers do their shopping, it is guaranteed that social media platforms will become e-commerce sites for companies and consumers alike. Social media sites are being utilized nowadays by businesses that want to increase their sales. And what better way to do that than putting their ads where they will be seen the most and that is on social media platforms? Companies that are just starting out will need to learn this trade as soon as possible to be able to keep up with their competitors. It cannot be denied that social media sites will be playing a crucial role in today’s business environment thus learning how to utilize them is highly useful.

  • Video Marketing

  • The rise of the 5G network across the globe is sure to play a part in how companies will be advertising themselves in the next few years through video marketing. We have seen a rise in video ads on social media platforms which make them accessible to everyone who has a phone on their hands. Studies show that consumers are more likely to make a purchase when they are presented with a video ad rather than reading texts. We can expect that these video marketing tools will make these advertisements more interactive as it should be if you want to make a lasting impression with your target audience.

    How to Make the Most Out of These Future Trends in Mobile Marketing

    There are some mobile trends that are for specific niches only while some can affect the current market industry. There have been those who started to utilize mobile phones as part of their marketing strategies and sooner or later others will follow suit. However, not everyone has the sixth sense when it comes to utilizing online platforms to their benefit hence it is best that you be aware of the ongoing trends in the mobile phone industry.

    If this is your first time to encounter a problem in your business, take a look at these trends and see if there are any that will disrupt your business. You can check how your competition is faring under these up and coming trends to get a feel for it. You don’t want to end up getting outmaneuvered by others because you don’t know how to keep an eye on what is trending lately.

    Any business owner should know how to go with the flow when it comes to their company. You will need to be able to be flexible with running your business, especially in these times. There is no doubt that the future trends mentioned above are going to be talked about in the years to come and what better way to be ahead of the game than to know more about them?