Returns Policy for Sellers

Transparent Selling Experience

At Qwikfone, we prioritize a transparent and fair experience for all our sellers. If you're looking to sell your used device, our returns policy ensures that your interests are protected every step of the way.

Revaluation and Your Options

  • Revaluation Process: When we receive your device, our specialists thoroughly inspect it. If it differs from your description, we'll send you a revised offer based on our assessment.
  • No Cost Returns: If our revised offer doesn't align with your expectations, you have the right to reject it without any cost. We cover all expenses associated with returning your device.
  • Timeline for Decision: The timeline to accept or reject our revised offer will be clearly outlined in the email we send you. We believe in giving you enough time to make a well-informed decision without any pressure.

Hassle-Free Return of Your Device

  • Free Return Shipping: In case you decide not to accept our revised offer, we will ship your device back to you free of charge. We take care of all associated shipping costs.
  • Safe Return Guarantee: We guarantee that your device will be returned in the condition it was received. Our secure shipping ensures your device's safety during transit.

Dedicated Customer Support

  • Always Here to Help: Our customer service team is dedicated to guiding you through the selling and return process. Should you have any questions or need support, we're just a call or email away.
  • Listening to Your Feedback: Your feedback is invaluable to us. We are committed to addressing any of your concerns quickly and to your satisfaction.

Our Promise to You

Selling your device is based on trust, and at Qwikfone, we uphold that trust with the utmost integrity. Our returns policy is crafted to ensure a positive, fair, and stress-free experience for every seller.