Best Security App for Android to Protect your Device


January 04,2022

Best Security App for Android
by Ishaan Seth March 11, 2020
Regardless of what type of Android smartphone you have, securing your device is important. Security apps aren’t just designed to do a specific function, but they can perform several essential jobs such as detecting viruses, protecting apps, VPN modes, protection against hacking, and others. That said, finding the best antivirus for android smartphones is going to be tough especially with dozens of options available. Here we have rounded up several options that are worth looking into to add a layer of protection on your Android device.
Best Antivirus for Android Smartphones
Protecting smartphones from phishing, malware, as well as others is possible, by installing the right kind of app that will prevent viruses from entering the device. Which one should you use? Here are some examples to do.
1. Clean Master – Multiple Function App
For those who need a security protection software that comes with multiple functions for any Android-based device, then the Clean Master is worth installing. Clean Master comes with a unique UI system that makes the phone run faster while providing it with security measures that keep unwanted issues at bay.
Best Features
  • It comes with extensive scanning and virus removal features for better protection.
  • Equipped with game enhancing features that will give you a superior gaming experience with all your downloaded games.
  • Users can clear any junk stored in their device using the junk file feature to help improve overall system’s performance.
  • Clean Master lets you boost your device’s performance, plus it extends battery life through its power saving features.
  • Delivers AppLock functionality, including smart charging capabilities, to enhance the management of your phone’s privacy settings.
Best Security App for Android
2. CM Locker – Lockscreen Security Better Than Ever
Installing CM Locker is highly recommended, because it provides the device with better security and privacy including a personalized lock screen as well. CM Locker is just one example of phone applications that features anti-theft capabilities as well as enhanced privacy settings. If you want to transform the LockScreen more interesting, there are high-definition wallpapers as well as themes that you can look into. 
Best Features
  • Comes with a variety of styles and themes that can be customized for the LockScreen to help your device stand out.
  • Delivers notifications that are highly interactive including quick access to different applications on your device, from caller ID, camera, messages, and photos.
  • Equipped with stunning Lockscreen theme and styles where you can choose between pin or pattern lock.
  • It comes with anti-theft alarms and selfies when intruders attempt to open your phone.
  • Gives you complete control, including shortcuts to apps, and even updates you on weather information.
3. Avast Antivirus
Do you need the best free antivirus for android phone? You should consider downloading then installing Avast on your Android as it is one of the best antivirus programs today. This application is highly trusted and often recommended to those who need a security app for their Android. Once installed, Avast notifies you when your handphone is being attacked by any virus like adware or spyware just to name a few. It also comes with several essential features too.
Best Features
  • Provides your device with protected against infection from applications, emails, messages, and more.
  • Equips your phone with call blocking features, a vault for your photos, protection against theft including several protective measures.
  • Perfect for saving power and enhancing your smartphone’s capabilities.
  • Activating Avast’s VPN lets you browse incognito.
  • Functions as security for the Internet, cleaner for any virus, including the ability to boost RAM function too.
4. Norton Security and Antivirus App
Norton Security in PC is a familiar name and it appears that they have one for Android smartphones too. This is another example of best free antivirus app for Android. However, to get the full security benefits of this application, going for a Premium account is the best thing to do. This application is equipped with numerous security features that can provide protection to your smartphone in case it is being attacked by someone else.
Best Features
  • Offers strict protection from all manner of viruses, malwares and spywares.
  • Includes protection for downloaded applications and call blocking capabilities to enhance security.
  • Lets you track your lost phone using its tracking location feature.
  • Scan files and applications that may contain virus or junk.
  • Provides safer browsing features including protection for your search engine.
  • Equipped with features to help preserve battery and data.
5. 360 Security Lite – Three in One Security App
Smartphones can slow down as unwanted files can accumulate. Removing these culprits is possible with the help of 360 security lite. What you’ll like about this application is that it not only cleans harmful files on your phone, it helps increase its function meaning you will have a faster smartphone on your hands. This way, you won’t be dealing with a smartphone that has been bogged down with unwanted and harmful files.
Best Features
  • Doesn’t occupy much space in your internal storage because of its small installation package.
  • Tapping on your phone makes it easier for you to delete any junk files.
  • Contains superior privacy protection system and game enhancing capabilities to increase performance of the device.
  • Designed not to consume too much power in your smartphone.
  • A high-end antivirus program is incorporated into the app to increase your phone’s protection.
  • Impressive boosting technology including battery saving features.
6. AMC Security – App for Boosting, Cleaning, and Combating Viruses
What other applications for boosting your phone’s security should you get? AMC Security is one example of such an application that helps enhance the functions of your device in an impressive manner. It provides with the controls to remove any unnecessary files and annoying malware which are known to affect the performance of your phone. It also comes with several features that transforms your older device’s existing features into brand new ones. Expect AMC Security to be equipped with features that let you save data and battery life.
Best Features
  • Helps you identify apps that are copycats on your device.
  • Provides protection to installed apps while saving battery life and data too.
  • IOBit Cloud services are also included where you are given access to real-life updating plug-in.
  • Delivers notifications that you should turn on your WiFi network’s security system.
  • Any website that you visit will receive protection from attacks from malwares, spywares, and the like.
7. Bouncer
This recently developed security application gives you the power to determine which app to give permission to access your data. Typically, an app will require details about you before running. However, if you want to reduce the app’s access to your personal information, you can use Bouncer to limit any permission you have given the app. You can have Facebook enable your location, while Bouncer removes permission afterwards. Although this will cost you $0.99, it is worth having especially when you want to prevent apps from using your information all the time.
Best Features
  • Lets you manage permissions for applications in your smartphone.
  • Removes permission from apps that have received limited access.
  • Reduces risk of third-party applications gaining constant access to your current location, details, as well as other sensitive information.
  • Improves app permissions on Android phones.
  • Allows you to download and use applications without worrying about personal information.
8. Firefox Focus
When it comes to the best free security app for any Android device that you have, try to check out Firefox Focus. This type of browser allows you to surf the web while you are incognito. Basically, this browser doesn’t record your search history for a certain time, and even gives you the power to remove them from your search engine’s browsing history. Another benefit to using this application is that it can get rid of any advertising and tracking on your device. The application will not stop everything which means that you have enough browsing power.
Best Features
  • You can go incognito as you surf the Web.
  • Your browsing history won’t be saved when you are in incognito.
  • Provides extra privacy when you search the Internet.
  • Removes trackers so websites won’t be able to see you.
  • Doesn’t come with in-application purchases that will disrupt your browsing.
9. LastPass
Having to remember passwords for various applications and websites can be difficult, but not if you have installed LastPass in your device. What this application does is to store all of your passwords, PINs, as well as sensitive details under a personal master key. This creates an extra layer of protection for you to enjoy which is much safer compared to jotting your passwords down in a piece of paper. To make your device extra secure, install LastPass authenticator too. This can be downloaded for free, but you will be a charged a certain sum if you want to access all features.
Best Features
  • Reduces risk of forgetting passwords for different sites.
  • Stores all sensitive information like password and PINs under a main password for added security.
  • LastPass Authenticator is a highly secured cross-platform for securing all of your important passwords.
  • Recalls passwords quickly which is convenient.
  • Even with the free app, you can access several features for improving security and privacy.
10. GlassWire
Another example of latest security application is GlassWire. This application provides insight on which installed app is consuming your data. There will be a live graphical representation of data being used by the app, plus you’ll get notified if a new one is hogging data too. This tool is handy as it determines if there are any applications on your smartphone that are misbehaving. GlassWire’s main function is to prevent you from maxing out on your data cap.
Best Features
  • Monitors the amount of data being used by the installed apps
  • Notifies you if any app is consuming more data than is necessary
  • Provides you with live graphical representation of the amount of data used on your device
  • Stay updated if there are apps that are acting suspiciously
  • Prevents you from hitting your data cap
11. Resilio Sync
Resilio Sync is another downloadable application that should be included in this list. This application helps you create your own storage in the cloud. Basically, the version for your computer transforms your laptop or computer into a cloud storage. Installing this application on all of your devices makes it easier for you to sync your files from one area to the next. You can consider this application as your very own Drive in Google or Dropbox even with the exception that you are aware where your files are stored. This is suitable for sensitive data which you just don’t store anywhere. Although cloud storage lets you store your files online, there is a chance that they may be compromised. This application is quite versatile even when you get it for free, plus, it is one of the most underrated security programs available.
Best Features
  • Lets you build your own storage in the cloud
  • Makes you sync your files from your computer, to your smartphone, to your tablet
  • You can store your more sensitive files in a cloud storage that you choose
  • Resembles Dropbox and Google Drive but in a more secure way
  • Beginners will find this application easy to use
12. Find My Device
Find My Device is another free security application to download in your Android device. Formerly known as Android Device Manager, this application works the same way as before. It can locate your lost phone and can even make your phone make sounds so it will be easier to locate. Other features include having the option to erase the entire contents of your device, remotely lock your phone, and even show any messages being sent to your device. Installing this app is for your security too because not only will you be able to track your missing your phone, but you will also have control over its contents even when you have misplaced your phone.
Best Features
  • Helps you track your phone when lost
  • Provides you with the option to lock your device remotely
  • Plays sounds on your device for easy locating
  • Protects your privacy by helping you track your device
  • Lets you erase all contents of your device even when it is lost
The phone you buy from any website, is either in a brand new condition or a refurbished phone. In either case, this phone should have the best security app to stay safe from any theft and other mishaps.
Installing security applications on your Android device is necessary especially if you want to protect private information about you. Fortunately, android developers are stepping up in delivering security apps that not only protect you from online attacks, but also provide you with applications that let you track your device, erase its contents, and more. These are the reasons that make android phone better than other phones.

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