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Frequently asked questions

Do Cheap iPhones have scratches?
No, our cheap iPhones are pristine and look and work as good as new.

How long will a cheap iPhone battery last?
Since all of our cheap iPhone batteries are new, they can be expected to last as good as the battery of their respective models.

Do Cheap iPhones have a warranty?
Yes, all of QwikFone's cheap iPhone deals have a 1-year warranty that covers repairing the iPhone and replacing the accessories for free.

How can I get a refund on a cheap iPhone purchase?
At QwikFone, you can get a full refund by returning your cheap iPhone order within 30 days.
What’s in the box?
Charging adaptor
USB charging cable
SIM ejector pin

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Buy Cheap iPhones Unlocked | Like-New Cheap iPhones For Sale

Buy cheap iPhones in the UK with a full warranty and a full refund guarantee. Our deals on renewed iPhones guarantee a pristine handset with as good as new performance and a new battery replacement. Each device comes with a new set of accessories that includes a charging adapter with suitable voltage, a fast charging cable, earphones with 3.5mm connector, and an ejector for the SIM card tray. All deals are covered with free shipping and plans for interest-free monthly instalments provided by Klarna & PayPal Credit.

What is the condition of a refurbished smartphone display?Is the cheap iPhone display quality changed or affected?

No, since the iPhone is pristine, all of its aspects, including the display panel and its display quality, are also pristine and as good as the new iPhone of the same model.

Does QwikFone's cheap iPhones support wireless charging?

Yes, depending on the iPhone model of your choice, if the iPhone in its brand-new state supports wireless charging, QwikFone's renewed cheap iPhone will support wireless charging with the same technology.

Is the camera of the cheap iPhone replaced?

No, our cheap iPhones all have their original camera modules with their original photo and video quality.

What is the quality of the cheap iPhone accessories?

QwikFone's cheap iPhone accessories are 100% new and in a quality as good as the original accessories.
accessory set includes:
- Charging brick
- Fast charging USB/lightning cable
- A pair of earphones with 3.5mm connector
- SIM tray ejection pin

How can I upgrade the iOS of a cheap iPhone?

Just like a brand-new iPhone, the pristine cheap iPhone can be upgraded through the Settings app of the iPhone itself.

What is the latest iOS version available by Apple?

The latest released iOS version is iOS 14.7.
*Please note that Apple periodically releases iOS upgrades and security patches to improve iPhones performance.

Does the cheap iPhone warranty cover the battery?

Yes, all the parts of the cheap iPhone is included in the 12-month warranty.

How can I pay monthly instalments for a cheap iPhone?

On the checkout page, choose PayPal Credit or Klarna as your payment method. Both options provide interest-free monthly instalments.

Can I get free delivery for a cheap iPhone?

Yes, free delivery is available for all orders and all models, with no minimum limit.

Can the refund on my cheap iPhone return request be rejected?

Yes, the only case the refund is rejected is if the iPhone or an item of its accessory set is damaged.

At QwikFone, you can get pristine iPhones from all models at cheap prices without having to give up on any benefits in exchange for the money you save. Our team thoroughly tests all iPhone handsets before and after the repair and renewal process.

While being repaired, any old or worn parts of the iPhone are replaced with new parts to restore the like-new condition of the iPhone. In terms of the appearance of the iPhone, our repair professionals ensure a pristine look for all outer cases, screens, and camera module. All devices are tested using the latest and most accurate software available in the market for smartphone testing to ensure that every single functionality of the iPhone will work as good as new.

Different models of cheap iPhones are available for our safe and risk-free deals. From the iPhone 6s to the latest iPhone 12 line with all of its variants. All deals are protected with a 1-year standard warranty policy that ensures the perfect performance through the ability to repair, or even replace, the cheap iPhone handset when needed.

If you wish to return this cheap iPhone deal, you can do so within 30 days from the order date and get a full refund of your payment. No specific reason is required for the return to be accepted. The only condition is to keep the iPhone and its accessories in the original condition as received without any damage or scratches.

With QwikFone, you can minimize your costs by paying for your orders using PayPal Credit or Klarna, both payment methods ensure that you pay only third of the price at the order confirmation moment, then pay the rest of the price over 2 other payments, with no interest added.