• Product will look and work like a new phone.
  • Backed by our 1-year guarantee.
  • Pre-owned product tested and cleaned by us.
  • Minimum 85% battery life when compared to new.
  • Comes with wall plug, charging cable, headphones & sim tool.
  • Factory unlocked to work with all sim cards.
  • 1 Year


  • Like New


  • Battery Life


  • 30 Days


  • Grade A+ 


  • Fast


  • Technical


  • Refund


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Frequently asked questions

How long is the warranty of refurbished iPhone 8?
All our iPhone 8 come with 1-year warranty from date of purchase. The warranty includes all manufacturing defects and excludes the following; accidental damage, water damage and / or third party repairs without prior approval by us.

What if I change my mind after purchase?
You have 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to return any iPhone 8 purchased from our site. No questions asked, providing the product is in the same condition and in its original packaging.

How long will my delivery take?
Our standard free delivery is next working day however certain items may take longer and this would be shown at time of checkout. Regular updates regarding your delivery will be provided and our team is here for when you need them.

Does the refurbished iPhone 8 come with a new battery?
We use industry leading software to test all our devices for optimal battery health. Each battery will have minimum of 80% capacity relative to new (in non-technical terms the battery is in great condition). 
For further piece of mind your 1-year warranty covers battery replacements for free in the rare instance you feel the battery is not performing as it should be.
What’s in the box?
Charging adaptor
USB charging cable
SIM ejector pin

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Apple iPhone 8 Refurbished & Unlocked | Free Accessories

Get a full set of free brand-new accessories with each iPhone 8 refurb. The iPhone 8 is refurbished according to the highest quality standards using grade-A parts to restore the like-new condition of the handset. Our 12-month warranty covers free repairs for the iPhone 8, free replacement for the iPhone, and free replacement for the accessories. This deal is safe with a 30-day refund period, free shipping, and monthly payment options provided by PayPal Credit & Klarna.

Does the Apple iPhone 8 refurbished screen have the true-tone feature?

Yes, since it is pristine, the iPhone 8 display supports the true-tone feature which allows the screen to change the brightness between warm and cold tones depending on your surroundings.

What is the condition of the refurbished iPhone 8 battery?

There are two possible states of the refurbished iPhone 8 battery:
- Like-new battery
- Brand-new battery replacement

Does the refurbished iPhone 8 look used or old?

No, QwikFone's refurbished iPhone 8 looks pristine.

Are any accessories included in the refurbished iPhone 8 price?

Yes, QwikFone provides a full set of accessories including:
1. Charger brick
2. Lightning cable
3. SIM ejector
4. earphones

Should I buy a new or refurbished iPhone 8?

The refurbished iPhone 8 is a better option because it provides the quality of the new iPhone 8 at a lower price.

Is the refurbished iPhone 8 going to be secured?

Yes, QwikFone experts ensure original iOS and apps for the refurbished iPhone 8.

Does the refurbished iPhone 8 devices have upgradable iOS?

Yes, the iPhone 8's iOS is upgradeable to the most recent iOS 14.7 version.

How long is the refurbished iPhone 8 warranty?

Our warranty for the iPhone 8 refurbished is 12 months.

Will my order be dispatched on the same day?

Yes, if your order is placed during our business hours, the order will be dispatched on the same day.

Is the refurbished iPhone 8 order refundable?

Yes, the refurbished iPhone 8 deal can be refunded within 30 days from the purchase date.

Why Choose an iPhone 8 Refurbished Device?

The iPhone 8 refurb is one of the best handsets to get this year as this phone provides great value compared to its price. From wireless charging to a perfect camera point & shoot performance, the iPhone 8 refurbished brings you the features of the latest iOS 15 and the powerful Apple A11 Bionic processor functionality supported with 2GB RAM to ensure a fast response time and impeccable multi-tasking performance.

The refurbished iPhone 8 is the most financially and environmentally smart decision as it allows a device as good as brand-new for a fraction of the price. Instead of buying a new device for a high price, save the environment from toxic waste and get the refurbished iPhone 8.

To reduce the cost for the customer further and lower the financial burden, QwikFone partners with one of the top iPhone accessory manufacturers in the world to provide our users with new iPhone accessories with the performance quality of original Apple accessories for free.

Thanks to our fully equipped repair center, your refurbished iPhone 8 from QwikFone is 100% supported by our professionals with free repairs using refurbished OEM parts during the 12-month period of our warranty policy. If the device is defective or has a fault that cannot be repaired, the device will be replaced for free within the same warranty policy.

How to Choose The Best iPhone 8 Deal?

Despite the great value that the Apple iPhone 8 provides, buying the iPhone 8 refurb still represents a certain risk level. Most users prefer to buy a new iPhone as it comes with guarantees and warranty, not to mention the new accessories. This is why choosing a good refurbished deal on the iPhone 8 is important. By getting the right deal, you can benefit from the refurbished discount without giving up on quality and guarantees.

While choosing your refurbished iPhone deal, the first thing to check is the quality. The refurbished phone quality can be grade A, B, or C. Grade A phones are pristine which makes them the best quality available in the market.  Pristine iPhones look as good as new on the outside, and work like new without delay, lag time, or malfunctioning.  This condition is ensured through a series of testing procedures that covers all iPhone's parts. During this testing and renewing process, some sellers also unlock the iPhone.  With an iPhone 8 unlocked, you get an extra benefit as you can switch SIM cards as you like. When you travel to different countries with a refurbished iPhone, all you need to do is buy a SIM card from a local carrier. Using local SIM cards in each country saves a lot of money compared to buying a locked phone in every country or buying roaming packages.

The second factor in a good iPhone deal is accessories. The old accessories of the refurbished iPhone cannot be included because of hygiene and health protection. This is why most refurbished iPhones come with only a lightning cable for charging.  However, some distinct sellers offer brand-new accessories with the refurb iPhone for free. These sellers have the best deals on the iPhone 8 renewed.

The third aspect of the reconditioned iPhone 8 deal is related to the technical support that comes with the iPhone. The top deals will always provide a long period for the warranty policy.  QwikFone provides a full year warranty with all repairs included and, if the device needs to be replaced, it is replaced for free within the warranty as well. The warranty policy also includes replacing the accessories whenever needed for free.

Next, comes the most important part in any iPhone 8 reconditioned deal, the return policy. To feel safe buying a refurbished phone, the deal must ensure a full refund within a reasonable time window.  With QwikFone, each customer gets a 30-day period to return the deal and get a full refund without any specific reasons required for the return to be valid.