Second Hand Samsung Phones | Pristine Grade A+

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the warranty?

All our products come with 1-year warranty from date of purchase. The warranty includes all manufacturing defects and excludes the following; accidental damage, water damage and / or third party repairs without prior approval by us. 

What if I change my mind after purchase?

You have 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to return any goods purchased from our site. No questions asked, providing the product is in the same condition and in it’s original packaging. 

How long will my delivery take? 

Our standard free delivery is next working day however certain items may take longer and this would be shown at time of checkout. Regular updates regarding your delivery will be provided and our team is here for when you need them. 

Working Days: Monday to Friday (Excluding any holidays)

Does the phone come with a new battery? 

We use industry leading software to test all our devices for optimal battery health. Each battery will have minimum of 80% capacity relative to new (in non technical terms the battery is in great condition). For further piece of mind your 1-year warranty covers battery replacements for free in the rare instance you feel the battery is not performing as it should be.

Will the device work with my current SIM card? 

Yes. All our devices are factory unlocked and work with all network providers.

What is included in my package?

If you purchase a phone it will include:

-Qwikfone Box

-Wall Plug

-Charging Lead

-Wired Earphones

-Sim Ejector tool

If you purchase an Apple watch ((Wired Earphones or Headphones) and Sim ejector tool are excluded)

-QwikFone Box


Will my phone look and work like new? 

Yes. Each device goes through stringent refurbishment and quality check process to make sure that you cannot distinguish the refurbished device from a new device. Be assured, it would be a perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. 

What does the term ‘refurbished phone’ mean? 

In simpler terms the term ‘refurbished phone’ means it’s a pre-owned handset that has been cleaned, tested and repaired to ensure it is in full working order ready for re-sell.  

Why do other sites offer different prices for the same phone? 

If you compare our price with some of our competitors you may find the same phone at a cheaper price. However, this is for a device that shows signs of heavy usage, which will most likely have some form of visible dents, scratches and scuffs. We are on a mission to offer you just like new environmentally friendly phones at low prices.

What’s in the box?
Charging adaptor
USB charging cable
SIM ejector pin

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Like New Samsung Second Hand Phones | Used Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones Unlocked

Find Used Samsung phones from all models and price ranges in like-new condition. Our deals come with a full warranty and a money-back assurance. Buy Samsung Galaxy S Series, Galaxy Note Series, Galaxy A Series at the lowest prices. All phones come with a full set of accessories including a charging adapter, a charging cable, earphones, and a SIM ejector.
All deals are guaranteed with a 12-month warranty, a 30-day return policy with a full refund, and free shipping.
1. What is the display condition of used Samsung phones?
We keep the pristine display panels in perfect condition and replace affected or worn screens with brand-new ones.
2. Does used Samsung mobile phones have used batteries?

No, if the battery is used, worn, or affected in any way, it is replaced with a new battery to ensure a like-new performance for the used Samsung phone.    
3. Are there scratches on second hand Samsung phones?
No, we ensure a pristine look for all second hand Samsung Galaxy handsets. No large or visible scratches are present.
4. Will the second hand Samsung phone come with accessories?
Yes, our offers include a full set of accessories with every Samsung phone:
  • All accessory sets are brand-new
  • All accessory sets are made to match the original quality
  • All accessory sets are free
5. Are second hand Samsung phones good to buy?
Yes, all devices are tested following a strict procedure to ensure that our second hand Samsung phones are as good as new in performance, appearance, and life expectancy.
6. Are used Samsung phones secure enough?
Yes, since our devices are original, authentic, and pristine, all handsets run original Android with all security software that is available for brand-new Samsung Galaxy phones.
7. Will I be able to upgrade my Samsung phone's Android?
Yes, if there are any upgrades available for the model, users are able to download and install them regularly.
8. Why was my Samsung phone warranty voided?
Our 12-month warranty policy covers the used Samsung phone and all accessories that come with it. The warranty can be voided due to one of the following reasons:
  • The phone/accessory is subjected to accidental damage
  • The phone/accessory dropped in the water
  • The phone is opened/repaired outside of our designated repair center
9. How much does the second hand Samsung phone delivery cost?
Free delivery is available for all Samsung Galaxy orders.
10. Is the second hand Galaxy deals refundable?
Yes, all deals are refundable during the 30-day cool-off period.

Second Hand Samsung Phones Unlocked, Pristine, & Grade-A

For many years, Samsung has ruled the Android smartphone market with almost no competition. A few years ago, other Android smartphone brands started to appear in the market. While each brand has its merits, they all emphasized the importance of Samsung as a major player in the smartphone game worldwide.
You can now buy premium Samsung Galaxy phones in pristine condition at great prices from QwikFone. Check out QwiFone's deals details for your favourite Samsung second hand mobile phone below.

QwikFone's Pristine Second Hand Samsung Smartphones

Many people think of broken phones and old models when they hear the words "second hand Samsung mobile phones".

The reason for this is the idea of a specialized seller that offers renewed second hand mobile phones is somewhat new. This is why most users can only think of buying old worn smartphones directly from the previous owner and dismiss the idea of a professional seller and a high-end smartphone.

At QwikFone, all of our team's experience is invested to change this perception of second hand smartphones. We provide our customers with pristine second hand Samsung phones with deal terms similar to brand-new Samsung phones and even better!

Renewing Samsung Phones at QwikFone

To make the second hand experience as good as new, the process has to start with the smartphone itself. After receiving the second hand Samsung devices from their previous owners, a primary testing process is conducted by our team of repair experts to assess the condition of the device.

While the outer case of the phone has to be pristine and look as good as new without any visible markings or major scratches, the inner parts go through extensive tests to make sure that they work as good as new.
If any part is below the pristine standards, our professionals replace that part with an OEM or grade A part to restore its pristine state within the phone.

Manufacturer Spare Parts (OEM)

OEM parts are mobile phone spare parts that were made by the phone's original manufacturer. In the case of a Samsung phone, OEM parts are designed and created in the same factories as the parts in the original device when it was being manufactured brand-new.

This is why OEM parts are the best option for repairing or renewing a smartphone. These parts provide the same functionality, quality, and performance as the original parts of the phone in its new state.

Choose Your Favourite Samsung Galaxy Second Hand Phone!

A team of dedicated experts ensures that your Samsung phone is as good as new at the price of a second hand phone. Now, you have no reason to think twice before ordering your favourite Samsung phone.

There are two main groups of second hand Samsung mobile phones by QwikFone: Premium flagship phones, which come at a mid-range phone price, and classic Galaxy phones which have the specs of flagship Samsung phones with the older designs and budget-friendly price range.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
No matter what phone/price range you choose to buy, all of the Samsung Galaxy lines, especially the models listed above, have certain high-end aspects to them. Aspects that are either difficult or just too expensive to find in other brands. This is why buying a Samsung Galaxy phone, no matter how low the price is, you can always guarantee getting those premium features.

AMOLED Display

AMOLED is Samsung's original display technology. The name stands for "Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diodes".

With smartphones, the screen usually is made up of two parts, the display, and the touch functionality. While this does the trick and gets smartphones to work perfectly, it makes the screen too thick. Also, sometimes the touch function is not as fast as it should be.

Samsung solved all of these problems with the AMOLED technology. By including the touch functionality into the screen itself, the Samsung phones have thinner screens and a faster response time.

Larger Screens & High Resolution

Thanks to AMOLED technology, Samsung phones provide higher resolution. AMOLED display also has clearer colours translation which results in a one-of-a-kind viewing experience for the user.

As a natural result, Samsung was able to provide its viewer with a large-sized display starting at 5 inches years before any other major brand was able to.

Classy Phone Body

One thing to be sure of in a Samsung phone, besides the high-quality display, is the strong body, durable material, and classy luxurious design.

You can choose to get an older design with bezels and a home button or one of the more recent Samsung Galaxy phones with an all-screen front and clean sleek design. You will get the cream of the crop in terms of design, usability, and sturdiness.

Why Choose QwikFone's Deals on Samsung Galaxy Second Hand Phones?

For most buyers in the second hand market, buying a used Samsung phone can only be achieved through the phone's old owner. The idea of buying a second hand Galaxy phone that is renewed by a professional is not common among many buyers. By presenting this option, QwikFone provides customers with a place to buy mobile phones in second hand condition.

Dedicated Repair Center

QwikFone owns and runs a dedicated repair center for mobile phones. In this center, all of our second hand mobiles are fixed and tested by the UK's top professionals in the field.

So, unlike a seller who only obtains and resells the phones, QwikFone's Samsung phones are fixed and renewed in-house. Having this power enables us to offer a unique level of quality and exclusive high-end services.

As a result, QwikFone's warranty and return services are far more versatile and superior to other Samsung second hand mobile deals.

Unlocking Your Samsung Phone

As a part of QwikFone's renewal process of the second hand Samsung smartphones, our team must unlock the device's software and make it able to receive and work with any carrier as long as the network technology that the carrier uses is the same that the Samsung phone was built for and, for most countries in the world, it is the same.

So, when you buy second hand Samsung phones unlocked from QwikFone, you will be free to choose any carrier deals you like!

New Accessories For Free

When a new customer is buying a second hand mobile, they often think that it's not possible to get the accessories with the device. The reason for this is that second hand mobiles have worn accessories. The other reason is that no one wants to use someone else's charger or earphones.

This is why QwikFone provides brand-new accessories in every second hand Samsung phone box. We ensure that our customers' experience is not short of a perfect like-new phone purchase experience.
In terms of quality, these accessories are specially manufactured for our brand. This way, we ensure a like-original performance and lifetime. The QwikFone accessories include the phone's charging adapter, a corresponding USB cable for both charging and data transfer requirements, a SIM tray ejector, and 3.5mm earphones.

Standard 12-Month Warranty

At QwikFone, every second hand Samsung phone comes with a 12-month warranty. This warranty also covers the free accessories that come with the phone. There are three cases where the warranty will cover repairs for free:
  • The warranty covers technical problems in the software and hardware. If a part needs to be replaced, it is free of charge within the warranty.
  • If the repair does not solve the problem with the phone, the handset is replaced with another pristine Samsung phone.
  • The accessories are also replaced for free within the warranty policy.
  • Please note that accidental damage is not covered in the warranty. If the screen is broken or the phone falls in the water, the repair will require payment.

30-Day Return + Full Refunds

The most important part of any second hand mobile deal for the customer is security. The deal must be 100% safe so that the customer would have nothing to lose even if he or she wants to order the phone just to try it to make a final decision about the purchase later.

This is why QwikFone provides our customers with a 30-day return policy that includes a money-back clause so that our customers would receive full refunds of the phone's price in case they decided that they want to return their orders from QwikFone.

Monthly Payments Plans

Through PayPal credit and Klarna, QwikFone customers can make their second hand Samsung phones purchases right now and pay later over a 3-month period without any load of added interest.

Just choose your favourite Samsung phone, click add to cart, and pay in 3 equal instalments over 3 months! Order now!