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Frequently asked questions

How long is the warranty?

All our products come with 1-year warranty from date of purchase. The warranty includes all manufacturing defects and excludes the following; accidental damage, water damage and / or third party repairs without prior approval by us. 

What if I change my mind after purchase?

You have 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to return any goods purchased from our site. No questions asked, providing the product is in the same condition and in it’s original packaging. 

How long will my delivery take? 

Our standard free delivery is next working day however certain items may take longer and this would be shown at time of checkout. Regular updates regarding your delivery will be provided and our team is here for when you need them. 

Working Days: Monday to Friday (Excluding any holidays)

Does the phone come with a new battery? 

We use industry leading software to test all our devices for optimal battery health. Each battery will have minimum of 80% capacity relative to new (in non technical terms the battery is in great condition). For further piece of mind your 1-year warranty covers battery replacements for free in the rare instance you feel the battery is not performing as it should be.

Will the device work with my current SIM card? 

Yes. All our devices are factory unlocked and work with all network providers.

What is included in my package?

If you purchase a phone it will include:

-Qwikfone Box

-Wall Plug

-Charging Lead

-Wired Earphones

-Sim Ejector tool

If you purchase an Apple watch ((Wired Earphones or Headphones) and Sim ejector tool are excluded)

-QwikFone Box


Will my phone look and work like new? 

Yes. Each device goes through stringent refurbishment and quality check process to make sure that you cannot distinguish the refurbished device from a new device. Be assured, it would be a perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. 

What does the term ‘refurbished phone’ mean? 

In simpler terms the term ‘refurbished phone’ means it’s a pre-owned handset that has been cleaned, tested and repaired to ensure it is in full working order ready for re-sell.  

Why do other sites offer different prices for the same phone? 

If you compare our price with some of our competitors you may find the same phone at a cheaper price. However, this is for a device that shows signs of heavy usage, which will most likely have some form of visible dents, scratches and scuffs. We are on a mission to offer you just like new environmentally friendly phones at low prices.

What’s in the box?
Charging adaptor
USB charging cable
SIM ejector pin

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Second Hand iPhones For Sale -Pristine & Unlocked

Find second hand pristine iPhones for sale in the UK with the best deal terms. Our Pre-owned iPhones are renewed at the hands of the best professionals in the UK to guarantee the pristine result for each handset. Your iPhone phone box will include the iPhone's charger, earphones, SIM ejector, and lightning cable all in a brand-new condition in addition to the pristine 2nd hand iPhone. The handset and accessories are protected with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day refund period. Whether you're in the market for a second hand iPhone 12, iPhone 10 second hand, iPhone 11 secondhand, or any other model, you can get it at QwikFone!
1. Is the display brightness of pre-owned iPhones affected?
No, our team of iPhone experts ensures that all handsets have a pristine display panel with brightness levels as good as the brand-new iPhone display.
2. Do QwikFone's iPhones second hand come with new batteries?
Yes, all of QwikFone's iPhones have either brand-new grade-A batteries or like-new batteries.
3. Are there any scratches on QwikFone's iPhones?
No, there are no visible scratches or wear or tear signs on QwikFone's pristine iPhones.
4. What accessories are included with an iPhone from QwikFone?
1. A pair of 3.5mm earphones
2. Lightning cable
3. Charging brick
4. SIM ejector pin    
5. Are iPhones for sale in the UK good to buy?
Yes, QwikFone's iPhones are guaranteed to be in pristine condition. Each device comes with free new accessories and all the assurances and guarantees like warranty and refund guarantee.
6. Are pre-owned iPhones secure?
Yes, since our pre-owned iPhones are original and renewed by hardware and software experts, we ensure that all devices have the standard original security software and patches released from Apple installed.
7. Is the iOS of second hand iPhones upgradeable?
Yes, as long as there are upgrades available for the iPhone model, it'll be easy to install it automatically from the Settings app.
8. What are QwikFone warranty terms for pre-owned iPhones?
QwikFone warranty covers the repair and replacement services for the iPhone and its accessories for 12 months.
9. How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
All orders placed during QwikFone business hours are dispatched and sent out for delivery within 24 hours.
10. Can I return a pre-owned iPhone?
Yes, all of QwikFone's iPhones for sale have a 30-day return period with a full refund guarantee.
Buying used iPhones is a great option for users who want to upgrade their handsets without paying the expensive prices of brand-new iPhones. With QwikFone, you can get the quality of a brand-new iPhone at the price of a 2nd hand iPhone.

While second hand phones may vary in condition, QwikFone only offers Grade-A pristine iPhones. Our handsets look and work just like the new iPhones.

Using our 40-point testing plan, every part of our iPhones is thoroughly tested and ensured to perform as good as new. Any part of the iPhone that does not pass the pristine standard is replaced with a brand-new part. This is how we ensure like-new performance.

To minimize the cost burden on the customer, QwikFone provides free accessories with each pre-owned iPhone. While the iPhone itself is second hand, the accessories are brand-new to protect the health of our users as used accessories can be risky in terms of hygiene.

QwikFone does not only provide the charging cable for the iPhone. The accessories presented by our brand include all essential items from the charging adapter and a fast-charging cable to the earphones and SIM ejector.

Best Deals On iPhone 11 second hand For Sale Near You!

When you start asking Siri or typing the phrase "iPhones 11 second hand for sale near me" into Google, results will vary. You will find that the top result is most likely Apple itself. The problem here is the price. So, when you turn to look for second hand iPhones in the UK, the condition issue comes up. In addition to quality, you must make sure that you're buying a legit iPhone that was not stolen and re-sold.

QwikFone's team covers all of these checkpoints in our second hand iPhone 11 and iPhone 10 second hand deals and others. Besides our thorough testing procedure, we use CheckMEND to back-check all iPhones history. Thanks to the detailed report, we are able to make sure that no iPhone of our collection has been stolen at any point and that all devices were legitimately sold.

Latest iPhone Models As Good As New

Buying an iPhone 11 secondhand does not always mean settling for a worn device. At QwikFone, you can choose one of the latest Apple iPhone releases and still be able to get it at a second hand price.

Granted an iPhone 11, 12, or 13 can be pricey even after the second hand price discount. However, QwikFone found the perfect way to allow our customers to afford more expensive iPhone models. Second hand iPhone 12, for example, is perfectly affordable.

You can now order the iPhone of your dreams, choose the colour and storage space you like and pay over monthly payments. Unlike carrier plans that allow you to pay instalments, this offer does not mean a locked phone. You can enjoy the unlocked iPhone capabilities with a monthly instalment plan!

Also, unlike most monthly instalment plans, our payments do not include an expensive interest rate that raises the ultimate price of the iPhone. With QwikFone, you can get an unlocked iPhone and pay interest-free monthly instalments!

To benefit from this offer, just use PayPal Credit or Klarna to pay for your pre-owned iPhone. Each of these methods enable a 3-month plan with no interest and no price increase included.

Second Hand iPhones Pristine & Unlocked

When it comes to buying a smartphone, iPhones either have a dedicated fan base or smartphone users who prefer the open source Android culture with all of its diversity when it comes to hardw
are. However, there is no denying on both ends of the spectrum that Apple does provide not only impeccable levels of quality but also the most innovative ideas and features in the smartphone market. It has been a general rule in the mobile market for years now that Apple would present an idea in its iPhone and the rest of the brands would follow by adding the same feature or a similar one into their devices later. In other words, iPhones have been setting the standards for smartphone users for years whether they like the brand or not!

iPhone 12 Second Hand Deals

Whether you are a long time iPhone fan or want to try using iPhones for the first time, second hand iPhones, especially iPhone 12 second hand & iPhone 11 used, are a great option for you to find your next iPhone at an affordable price point that won't empty your bank account. However, finding second hand iPhones for sale, especially online, has a major risk regarding the phone's condition and even origin. So, how to tell the original pristine devices when buying a second hand iPhones? Keep on reading to find out!

QwikFone offers the best 2nd hand iPhones in the UK

QwikFone is not just a regular 2nd hand mobile phone seller. Our company has been offering mobile products and services in the UK mobile market for over 10 years. As we work to advance our community and help our environment, we decided to renew and re-sell pre-owned iPhones as well as other smartphones. This way, spare our planet from the materials wasted in making brand-new phones and enable our users who are on a limited budget to own high-end and expensive smartphones like second hand iPhone 12 at affordable price ranges.

Testing QwikFone's Used iPhones

In the process of offering an affordable option for users who want to buy second hand iPhones, the QwikFone team is persistent in not affecting the quality or the condition of the iPhones in any way. This is why we conduct an extensive process of inspecting and testing every device to ensure that it is in a pristine state and will perform as good as new.

Pristine Second hand iPhone 10

When buying a second hand iPhone, users need to be aware of what different conditions mean especially in pre-owned phones. Generally, there are three main conditions which are pristine, excellent, and good. While excellent and good conditions can be quite vague and difficult to conclusively specify whether the iPhone would have a scratched screen, for example, or not, the pristine condition is not only decisive but also guarantees the best condition possible for a pre-owned iPhone.
A pristine iPhone will have minimum to no visible marks or cosmetic wear signs on the outer iPhone's body and screen. QwikFone's testing process includes ensuring the cosmetic status of the device as well as testing the actual functionality of the touchscreen and the overall state of the iPhone's performance.
Testing the screen includes checking several test points such as the touch sensitivity which pertains to how responsive the iPhone is to the user's taps on the screen and whether there is any sort of delay or malfunctioning regarding this part. Another point in the screen testing is concerned with the quality of the display and the brightness level of the iPhone.
Unlike any other second hand iPhone in the UK, QwikFone's devices get renewed with grade A spare parts if any part of the iPhone turns out to have any performance issues. This way, the iPhone is only a second hand unit in price and name. In functionality, however, it is as perfect as new!

Buy Secondhand iPhones From a Turtworthy Seller

QwikFone's iPhones all go through an inspection process performed by CheckMEND to provide proof of the phone’s legitimacy by tracking its previous ownership and making sure that it is 100% legally obtained by QwikFone as well as the previous seller. This report provided by CheckMEND will be provided to the buyer of the second hand iPhone upon requesting it from QwikFone. This way, we ensure that your iPhone 12 second hand & iPhone 11 used is as perfect as brand-new.

Unlocked Used iPhones for Sale in the UK

Although iPhones usually come locked to a certain network carrier service, the QwikFone team focuses on unlocking our second hand iPhones to provide our customers with the freedom of using whatever carrier they want. With an unlocked iPhone, you would be able to use your same phone number with your current carrier with no restrictions. You will also be able to travel overseas without having to afford the additional costs of roaming. While the obvious alternative to buying a roaming bundle from your carrier is to buy a new handset and a local SIM card with a local number in the country you're traveling to, with the unlocked iPhone from QwikFone, you will only need to buy the local SIM card and insert it into the same handset to have it work perfectly with no issues or restrictions whatsoever. As long as you're choosing a carrier that is using the same technology as the iPhone network protocols, the SIM card will work fine.

Brand-new Accessories with Second Hand iPhone 12 Pro Max

When you buy a 2nd hand iPhone at QwikFone, you will automatically get this iPhone's accessories in a brand-new condition. These accessories are, of course, not the used iPhone's original accessories for obvious hygiene reasons. However, QwikFone has a trusted partner for manufacturing these accessories which will carry the QwikFone logo and branding, yet offer a quality level similar to those that come directly with new Apple iPhones.

While these accessories are brand-new and offer a high-end performance level, they won't cost you anything as they come free of charge included in the second hand iPhone deal from QwikFone.

QwikFone guarantees for the second hand iPhones buyers

Perhaps this is considered to be the most important part of any pre-owned iPhone deal you can find on the internet. No matter how low the price can be, there will always be a chance for the deal to turn out to be a scam!

The only way to avoid that is by choosing QwikFone's deals which include default warranty and return policies that protect the user's right to have a pristine and fully functioning iPhone as announced and promised.

iPhones For Sale with a Refund Guarantee & Technical Support

The warranty for our used iPhones for sale guarantees free repair service for the first year after the purchase for all technical issues the user may come across while using the phone as long as those issues are caused by a manufacturer error.

Thanks to QwikFone's repair experts, most issues can be resolved in the shortest time possible and with the highest quality whether it is for spare parts of the repairing skill itself.

If the error cannot be repaired by QwikFone mobile repair specialists, the company will provide a free replacement for the iPhone with the same make and model in pristine condition.

This warranty also covers the iPhone's accessories that were provided by QwikFone and includes the charger, earphones, and lightning cable. However, in the case of finding an accessory to be defective, QwikFone will replace it with a new one as accessories cannot be repaired, only replaced.

This warranty does not cover any damages caused by an accident to the iPhone such as water damages. It is important here to state that the renewal process the second hand iPhones go through cancels any water resistance properties the device had prior. This is why it is crucial for the user to pay extra attention not to put their iPhones in any situation where they might fall into water such as pools or toilets for example.

Used iPhones for Sale with 30-Day Refund

The most important point of any second hand iPhone deal online is the ability to return the iPhone! QwikFone is offering a 30-day return policy that includes a full refund.

For QwikFone to accept your return, you must make sure that the iPhone and its accessories are in their original condition. Once the package has been received and the items are tested by QwikFone's team, we will issue a full refund with the iPhone's price right away.

Pay iPhone X Second Hand Price in Instalments

Another benefit that comes with the QwikFone deal on our second hand iPhones is paying in monthly instalments with no interest cost.

Choose PayPal Credit or Klarna and pay over 3 months without any change in the price!