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Frequently asked questions

Is the display brightness of second hand iPhones affected?
No, our team of iPhone experts ensure that all handsets have a pristine display panel with brightness levels as good as the brand-new iPhone display.

Do QwikFone's second hand iPhones come with new batteries?
Yes, all of QwikFone's 2nd hand iPhones have either brand-new grade-A batteries or like-new batteries.

Are there any scratches on QwikFone's second hand iPhones?
No, there are no visible scratched or wear or tear signs on any of the QwikFone's pristine second hand phones.

What accessories included with a 2nd hand iPhone?
  1. A pair of 3.5mm earphones
  2. Lightning cable
  3. Charging brick
  4. SIM ejector pin
What’s in the box?
Charging adaptor
USB charging cable
SIM ejector pin

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Second Hand iPhones For Sale Pristine & Unlocked

Find second hand pristine iPhones for sale in the UK with the best deal terms. Our Pre-owned iPhones are renewed at the hands of the best professionals of the UK to guarantee the pristine result for each handset. Your iPhone phone box will include the iPhone's charger, earphones, SIM ejector, and lightning cable all in a brand-new condition in addition to the pristine 2nd hand iPhone. The handset and accessories are protected with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day refund period.

Are iPhones for sale in the UK good to buy?

Yes, QwikFone's second hand iPhones are guaranteed to be in pristine condition. Each device comes with free new accessories and all the assurances and guarantees like warranty and refund guarantee.

Are pre-owned iPhones secure?

Yes, since our pre-owned iPhones are original and renewed by hardware and software experts, we ensure that all devices have the standard original security software and patches released from Apple installed.

Is the iOS of second hand iPhones upgradeable?

Yes, as long as there are upgrades available for the iPhone model, it'll be easy to install it automatically from the Settings app.

What are QwikFone warranty terms for pre-owned iPhones?

QwikFone warranty covers repair and replace services for the refurbished phones you buy and its accessories for 12 months.

How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

All orders placed during QwikFone business hours are dispatched and shipped out within 24 hours.

Can I return a pre-owned iPhone?

Yes, all of QwikFone's iPhones for sale have a 30-day return period with a full refund guarantee.

Buying pre-owned iPhones is a great option for users who want to upgrade their handsets without paying the expensive prices of the brand-new iPhone models. With second hand iPhones from QwikFone, you can get the quality of a brand-new iPhone at the price of a 2nd hand iPhone.

While second hand iPhones may differ in quality and condition, QwikFone only offers Grade-A pristine iPhones that look and work just like the new iPhones. Using our 40-point testing plan, every part and functionality of our second hand iPhones is thoroughly tested and ensured to perform as good as new. Any part of the iPhone that does not pass the pristine standard for quality is replaced with a brand-new part to ensure a like-new performance.

Also, to minimize the cost burden on the customer's behalf, QwikFone provides free accessories with each pre-owned iPhone. While the iPhone itself is second hand, the accessories are brand-new to protect the health of our users as used accessories can be hazardous in terms of hygiene.

QwikFone does not only provide the charging cable for the iPhone, the accessories presented by our brand include all essential items form the charging adapter and a fast charging cable to the earphones and SIM ejector. All of these accessories are manufactured according to high standards aiming at providing the quality of original Apple accessories at the lowest cost.

The 12-month warranty policy from QwikFone covers the second hand iPhone and its accessories. According to our policy, free repairs are provided for the iPhone including replacing any defective parts for free. The warranty for the accessories includes replacing any defective items for free. Repairing defective accessories is not available. The return policy is available for all orders with only two conditions; the return has to be within 30 days and the iPhone & accessories must be in the original condition with no damage.