Terms & Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions of QwikFone carefully before placing your order on our website. 

1. QwikFone Contract

This contract defines the relationship between QwikFone as the seller and the customer as the buyer. According to the details of this contract, the rights and obligations of each party are specified. 

According to this contract, customers can place their orders for refurbished products and get the orders delivered by QwikFone within the specified period in the shipping policy.

After the customer places an order on the QwikFone platform, the order can be edited or changed with the help of QwikFone customer service only up to the point of the order confirmation. Once the order is confirmed, it cannot be changed or altered in any way.

The order is confirmed by QwikFone via email. This confirmation email is only an announcement that QwikFone has received your order and can be considered as a receipt. 

The first confirmation email does not mark the beginning of the contract between QwikFone and the customer. The legal contract between QwikFone as the first party and the customer/buyer as the second party is formed once the last confirmation email is sent by QwikFone to the customer. The last confirmation email will contain information that the order is being dispatched, and will specify the courier that is going to perform the shipping and delivery, as well as the order tracking number.

QwikFone retains the right to cancel the order partially or entirely without giving a reason why the order was cancelled.If any problem occurs with the order that requires any changes or if QwikFone refuses or cancels the order, the company will inform the customer via an email.

In the event that the customer would like to change the order or a part of it beyond the changing point set by QwikFone, which is the last confirmation email, the customer would then return the order after receiving it as per the QwikFone return policy and place a new order with the desired changes included. 

If the customer is facing any issues while placing an order or trying to track an already placed order, QwikFone customer service representatives will help all customers who reach out to us using the email or phone number that is listed on QwikFone Contact page.

2. Prices & Payments

All of QwikFone's in-stock refurbished products have prices that are clearly displayed on each product page on the website. These prices can be changed by QwikFone according to the market's circumstances at any point. 

Customers can view the prices of the products on the website and view the final prices that will be paid for the order in the confirmation email that is sent by QwikFone to the customer.

Shipping details such as the shipping and delivery cost and delivery date are displayed on the checkout page. The shipping and delivery cost may differ according to the shipping service that the customer chooses.

QwikFone's team is updating the information that is being displayed on the website regularly. However, there is room for mistakes as human error cannot be 100% eliminated. If there is a mistake in any of the details of the product such as the price, description, or photo, then a team member of QwikFone will get in touch with the customer before starting to dispatch the order to clarify the right information and make sure that the customer accepts the changed detail(s).QwikFone will not process any orders based on wrong product details on the website.

Depending on the customer's payment method, once the payment is made to QwikFone in full, the order processing and dispatching stage begins within 24 hours. This 24-hour rule applies to orders with payments that have been processed from Monday to Friday except for official holidays.

If there is a delay in dispatching any order, since there are certain products that require more than 24 hours to dispatch, QwikFone will send the customer a notification of the expected delay.

For orders that are placed on a holiday or a weekend, those orders are processed the next business day.

3. Delivery

QwikFone offers different shipping services with different ranges of costs depending on each courier's fee.QwikFone requires a detailed address from the customer in order to deliver the order to the customer in hand using a tracked shipping service. Please note that the date and time of the delivery will depend on the courier that the customer chose when placing the order. QwikFone's courier usually deliver orders on time, however, we do allow room for error and delays in certain cases when delay is unavoidable.

3.1. Failed Delivery Attempts

Since deliveries are mainly handled by the courier, failed deliveries are also handled by the courier and according to the courier policy. With some couriers, the customer get a note, also known as a "calling card", in the mailbox to inform them that the courier tried to deliver and was unable to reach or find the customer. If a customer gets a calling card, he or she should call the number on the card to contact the courier and schedule a new date and/or time for the delivery.If there is no "Calling card" or the customer does not use it, the courier will automatically re-schedule the delivery for the next business day. For most couriers, a package is eligible for delivery attempts only for 2 times. Royal Mail packages do not follow this rule.

If a customer does not find a calling card and does not get a re-scheduled delivery by default from the courier, it is on the customer to track their order and contact the courier to set up a delivery date/time. The order tracking number is provided by QwikFone's in the last confirmation email and this number can be used to search for the package on the courier's official website.

If the customer is unable to reach or deal with the package tracking number, please use the contact info to get in touch with either the courier you chose for your order, or with QwikFone to handle the issue as soon as possible.In case the courier exhausted the delivery attempts and is unable to reach the customer, the package is returned to the sender, which is QwikFone. In such a case, a new shipping fee will be paid by the customer in order to re-send the package. 

3.2. Loss of The Package or Products

QwikFone follows the time-frames that are set by the courier companies for lost packages. This means that a package cannot be considered lost until the time set by the courier has passed. 

Once a package is considered lost, QwikFone files a claim with the shipping company. Since QwikFone follows the courier timeframe for claiming lost packages, our expectations, and therefore the customer's, regarding the response from the courier regarding the lost package claim is set by the courier company itself.

For more details on this subject, the customer can visit the courier website to read about the "Lost Package" in its specified section on the website. 

The courier's responses regarding a lost package claim may include:

1. The courier has found the package and will proceed to send it to the customer's address provided in the order form.

2. The courier declares the package officially lost.

In the second case, if the package is declared lost by the courier, QwikFone will send a notification to the customer and file the required claim with the shipping company's corresponding insurance company. With this claim, QwikFone starts the process of getting the customer the amount due as insurance for their package. The amount paid will be defined according to the courier's policy.

If the package is lost during the shipping process, QwikFone sends the customer a Non-Receipt Declaration Form (P101). This form is later used in any investigations of legal inquiries held regarding the lost package. This form is held against the customer as the party who claims to have not received the package if the GPS and tracking data showed that the package was indeed delivered to the specified address of the customer at the correct destination.

The police may be involved in the investigation of the missing package if it is found to be delivered according to the GPS data. This investigation will also include all parties involved in purchasing and receiving or signing for the package when it arrived at its destination. The procedure of investigating the missing package will take different timeframes according to each case and its requirements. 

Please contact QwikFone customer service for more information regarding the (P101) form in the event of dealing with a missing package.

3.3. Receipt of Damages Package

When the customer receives an order from QwikFone, if the packaging has any signs of damage, we recommend refusing to accept the package and having it returned back to the sending source.

If the customer finds that the parcel or outer packaging is not damaged, but there is an item in the order (one or more products) that is damaged, the customer should get in touch with QwikFone immediately via phone or email to notify the company of this issue within maximum 2 days from receiving the order. If the notification of the damaged products is received by QwikFone after 2 days from the delivery, QwikFone will not be responsible or liable for this damage.

4. Overseas Delivery

QwikFone requires that customers who are placing orders to be delivered to an overseas address provide a detailed address with accurate directions in the shipping section of the checkout page on our website.

After the order is submitted by the customer, QwikFone will not be able to change the address details.

When the customer is choosing the courier to deliver the order, different times available from different couriers will be displayed for comparison. These timeframes are only estimations and can only be used as a reference. 

Please note that, for overseas deliveries, additional duties and/or taxes may be applicable to your order. These additional costs are not included in the QwikFone deal price and we are not responsible for any additional costs on your order.

To get insurance for your QwikFone order package, please get in touch with our customer service team through our phone number or email which are listed on the Contact Us page. Customer service will let you know if there is a way to get a separate insurance policy for your package. If separate insurance is not possible, the courier will provide the default insurance which is provided for all packages.

QwikFone is not responsible for unclear or incomplete address or delivery details. QwikFone does not deliver to PO boxes. Please make sure to provide a clear and detailed address so that the customer receives the package in hand.

4.1. Remote Area / Island Delivery

For deliveries in remote areas and islands, QwikFone asks customers to allow more time for the delivery to arrive at the destination. Customers can choose the right delivery method that suits their needs on the checkout page. Please keep in mind that the displayed timetables are only used as a reference and are not a strict indicator for when the package is going to be delivered. 

5. Refund & Exchanging Products Policy

QwikFone's priority is to ensure our customers' satisfaction with their orders from our website. Nonetheless, there are cases where the customer is not satisfied with the order for different reasons. In such cases, QwikFone preserves the customer's right to go back on the purchase and get a refund when the order is returned. 

QwikFone's return policy provides the required safety that our customers need while shopping online with our website. All returned orders that fall within the standard that are specified in the next sections receive a full refund. 

According to the distance selling regulations which covers all purchases made on the QwikFone platform, products can be returned within a 30-day period and, in that case, all returned orders are fully refunded. 

In order for the return to be valid, QwikFone requires that the customer provide the order number or any other method that can be used as a proof of purchase of the product(s) that the customer wishes to return. 

The final condition in the QwikFone return policy is considering the state or condition of the returned items as all products must be in a "like-new" or pristine condition in order for the return request to be valid and the refund to be issued by QwikFone.

QwikFone must verify the proof of purchase that the customer provides in order for the return to be accepted and the refund to be applicable to the order. 

The customer's statutory rights stay the same and are unaffected.

As per this return policy conditions, QwikFone encourages the customers to keep the products safe and undamaged during the return period so that they are returnable if needed. We also require that the returned products must be in their original packaging provided by QwikFone and that any accessories included with the product should be in the package as well at the time of the return.

If a customer wishes to return an order or products, please contact QwikFone's customer service to arrange and start the return process in order to get the refund issued ASAP.

Customer rights are reserved and applied according to the "Return under Warranty" policies if there are any faulty or defective products in the order. QwikFone is responsible for providing products that do not violate the customers' rights.Customer's legal rights are preserved and not affected by this policy.

5.1. Return Policy

Our company applies a fair return policy to allow the customer a sufficient period of time to send back products which turn out to be faulty for repair, replacement, or even in exchange for a refund. 

This policy does not change or include the standard 30-day return period which is guaranteed under the Distance Selling Regulations.

Products that are found to be faulty within the warranty period set by QwikFone can be returned by the customer to QwikFone to be repaired. In order to return a device for repair within the QwikFone warranty, the customer must contact our customer service line or contact us via email to arrange the shipping method and dates for the returned products. All dates and details for shipping must be provided to the customer by QwikFone.

Please note that shipping items directly to QwikFone without our authorization will result in rejecting the return. QwikFone is not responsible for unauthorized returns. Attempting to return items that were not purchased from QwikFone will result in destroying these items/products upon return. 

5.2. Returning Faulty Products after 30 Days

While QwikFone makes every effort to provide our customers with the best high-end products, mistakes still happen. We regret to hear that any of our buyers is facing issues with any products that are purchased from our brand. With the 30-day return policy, the customer has the right to have a healthy device that works as good as new. If the device is found faulty within 30 days, it is the customer's right to return it. 

If the product is found faulty after the 30-day period is over, the device will still receive free repairs from QwikFone and can also be replaced for free under our warranty. Devices are replaced under the warranty if they are not fixed after 3 or more repairs for the same issue. If the same brand and model are not available to replace the customer's faulty device, then QwikFone will refund the customer with the product's price that was paid upon purchasing it.

All devices that are being returned to QwikFone to be repaired must be unlocked and clear of any security blocks or software that may stand in the way of our repair professionals' work.

QwikFone is not responsible for any data loss caused by repairing a device. Before sending your device to QwikFone for repair, please backup your data. 

For your product return procedure to be valid, the returned package must contain: 

1. All the original parts of the device. 

2. Any accessories included.

3. QwikFone's original packaging.

The QwikFone Customer Service team will handle all returned devices / products. Once the customer service team authorizes a refund for a customer, QwikFone requires that the returned items for refunds are in as-new condition for the refund to be issued. This will be agreed on before the return process. 

Customers who have items or orders that they wish to return must contact our team on the official email: info@qwikfone.com. 

If a customer returns a product or an order without QwikFone's authorization for the return, the customer will be charged if any of the following is applicable: 

If a customer returns a product or an order without QwikFone's authorization for the return, the customer will be charged if any of the following is applicable: 

  • The manufacturer's standard settings in the device have been changed.
  • The manufacturer's seals or software has been tampered with.
  • There is any personal data in the device whether this data is removable or not.
  • Software seals are broken.
  • There has a non-standardized unlock pin code.
  • Manufacturer's software has been changed or removed.
  • There are issues in the device that are not covered by the warranty.

5.3. Return Charges

QwikFone may apply charges to returned products that are out of the warranty for any reason. These charges may be for the repair service. Individual cases may differ in the cost of the repair service, as such, the amount charged may differ according to the cost required. 

Before repairing the device, QwikFone will inform the customer of the required payment. The payment must be paid in full before our specialists repair the device. If the customer is not willing to pay the repair charge, QwikFone will require the cost of the shipping cost to return the device without repair.

QwikFone's warranty policy is preached and voided by unauthorized repairs that are performed by any other party other than QwikFone.

5.4. Returned Products' Refunds

Once products are returned to QwikFone for refunds within the 30-day return period, the refund is processed after the returned item(s) are test by QwikFone. QwikFone makes all efforts to ensure that the refund is sent to the customer's account in a timely manner. Customers receive the refund on the same payment method that was used for the order on our website.

5.5. Disclaimer Regarding Returning Products to QwikFone

For returned products, the customer will be responsible for the product and package until QwikFone runs the necessary tests and inspection of the package and its contents after it is delivered to our location.If a customer wants to send products for return, QwikFone recommends using a postage service that is registered and insured. QwikFone is not liable for any losses that happen during the return process, whether it is a physical or financial loss. These losses will not be refunded or covered by QwikFone.

Damages that occur in the products during the transit of the return are the responsibility of the customer / sender. All claim requirements in such a case will be the responsibility of the customer to file and pursue.

6. Complaints

QwikFone applies a highly efficient and prompt complaint system to deal with the issues that may face our customers. Our experienced team members ensure high-end products from the best suppliers in the market. All of our efforts are made to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of our customers with their orders from our website. For any complaints, please contact our team to get resolution ASAP.