• Product will look and work like a new phone.
  • Backed by our 1-year guarantee.
  • Pre-owned product tested and cleaned by us.
  • Minimum 85% battery life when compared to new.
  • Comes with wall plug, charging cable, headphones & sim tool.
  • Factory unlocked to work with all sim cards.
  • 1 Year


  • Like New


  • Battery Life


  • 30 Days


  • Grade A+ 


  • Fast


  • Technical


  • Refund


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Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to make calls on the refurbished Apple Watch Series 4?
Yes, with watchOS 5.0, both walkie-talkie and phone functions are available through the Apple Watch Series 4.

What is the Apple Watch Series refurbished battery capacity?
The refurbished second hand Apple Watch Series 4 come with a new battery with the same capacity as brand-new Watch:
- Li-Ion 292 mAh

Does the second hand Apple Watch Series 4 look used?
No, the refurbished Watch Series 4 look pristine and as good as new in every way.

Will the refurbished Watch Series 4 come with a refurbished charger?
No, the charger included with the refurbished Apple Watch is brand-new, not used or refurbished.
What’s in the box?
Charging adaptor
USB charging cable
SIM ejector pin

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Buy Refurbished Apple Watch Series 4 Like-New | Warranty

The refurbished Apple Watch Series 4 is one of the best models of Apple Watch to buy this year. At an affordable price, this second hand Apple Watch Series 4 comes in a like-new condition with all of its accessories, charger brick and cable, in a brand-new condition. At the best price for the Apple Watch Series 4 refurbished in the UK, this deal is secured with a money-back guarantee for 1 month after the order and a 1-year technical support warranty with the opportunity to replace the watch.

Will the used iWatch function well?

Yes, you can rely on the performance of the refurbished Apple Watch as it will function like the brand-new Apple Watch.

Is the OS of the refurbished Apple Watch secure?

Yes, the refurbished Apple Watch is an original Apple Watch with an authentic watchOS version installed including all security software attachments and protection measures.

Will the software of the Apple Watch 4 be upgraded?

Yes, while the Apple Watch Series 4 has watchOS 5.0 initially installed, it can be upgraded to watchOS 7.6.

Does the Apple Watch Series 4 warranty cover replacements?

Yes, if the Apple Watch Series 4 has a technical issues that cannot be repaired, it will be replaced within the warranty, free of charge.

How much does the return shipping cost?

Return shipping will not cost the customer anything as we cover all shipping costs for returned orders.

When will my payment be refunded?

Once the returned order is received by our team, the items are tested to ensure that the Apple Watch and accessories are in the original condition.
After the testing process is done, we issue the refund to the customer's payment method.