Frequently asked questions

Having any questions about purchasing refurbished phone? We're happy to answer!

Q1. Where can I view my order details?

  • Your order details will be displayed on the checkout page before you proceed to payment details.
  • You can also view the order details in the order confirmation email sent by QwikFone once the order is processed.

Q2. How can I track my refurbished mobile phone order?

Go to "My account" page to access all orders filtered by date. Click on the latest order to view its details and track the shipping process.

Q3. Can I cancel my refurbished mobile phone order?

If the refurbished phone order has not been shipped out yet, it can be cancelled. Please contact our London office to cancel your order!

Q4. What type of warranty does QwikFone offer on refurbished mobile phones?

Our warranty lasts for 12 months and covers manufacturing-caused issues in refurbished phones and accessories.
Defective phones are repaired and replaced for free, accessories are replaced with brand-new ones in this warranty.

Q5. Why was my return request rejected?

QwikFone 30-day return policy requires the refurbished phone and its accessories are all included in the returned package and not damaged. If any item is missing or damaged, we won't accept your return request.

Q6. How does QwikFone's refund works?

After we receive all the items in the returned package, refunds are made back to the original payment method:
- If you paid using PayPal, the refunds will show immediately on your account.
- If you paid using PayPal Credit or Klarna, the refund is issued to the respective method.
- If you paid using bank account, the refunds usually will take 3-5 business days to show in your bank statement.

Q7. Can I change my order details, shipping address, or delivery date?

  • The address cannot be changed after the order is submitted
  • The delivery date can be changed before the order is shipped out. Contact our London office to reschedule your delivery.

Q8. Why was my smartphone not repaired for free?

QwikFone warranty covers free repairs for your smartphone. The warranty can be voided in one of these cases:
1. Accidental damage due to misuse or negligence.
2. The device was opened/repaired by parties other than QwikFone specialists.
3. The device has passed the 12-month warranty period.

Q9. When can I get my refurbished phone replaced?

If QwikFone repair specialists deem the defect in the phone as irreparable, the phone is replaced with another pristine device of the same brand and model.

10. How can I get my accessories repaired?

The new accessories are covered within our 12-month warranty. Any defective accessory is replaced with brand-new one.
*Accessory repairs are not available.

11. What is the minimum order for wholesale prices?

There is no minimum limit to get QwikFone's wholesale prices.

12. What is refurbished OEM LCD screen replacements?

Refurbished OEM screens mainly get the top glass layer changed without any changes to the actual LCD components or functionality.

13. What is the warranty period on QwikFone spare parts?

  • QwikFone's mobile parts and replacements have a lifetime warranty.
  • Battery replacements and accessories  have a 12-month warranty period.

14. Can I return part of my spare parts order?

No problem, you can specify the items you wish to return and QwikFone will issue a refund with their value once we receive the returned items.

15. How should I handle defective or faulty parts?

QwikFone warranty is valid for the lifetime of the spare part. So, you don't have to return an entire order if an item in it is defective. You can use the warranty to replace the defective part only.