Best Offline Games for Android


January 03,2022

Best Offline Games for Android
by Ishaan Seth March 13, 2020
Handheld devices today have numerous functions from sending messages, to making calls, all the way to surfing the Web. With their higher storage capacity, powerful performance, and superior display specs, downloading and playing games on your Android device are worth it. Android users are spoiled for options with regards to downloadable games. There are premium games that can be purchased for a fee, and will require internet connectivity, or you can download free offline games for Android as your source of entertainment anytime you need to take a break.

In this post, you will find the best offline Android games with their top and most interesting features highlighted as well as a general concept of each game. So, read on!
Best Free Offline Android Games to Download
There are simply tons of Android-based games for you to browse in the Play Store which fall under various categories from strategies, matching, word, and brain games just to name a few.
1.  Alto’s Odyssey
You might think that this application is another running kind of game, but once you have tried it, you’ll find it difficult to put down. Perhaps it is the combination of its graphics and music that transforms this game into something that you can relax with. Here you will find yourself in an unforgettable sandboarding journey where you can discover hidden temples, rolling dunes, and canyons. This game is not only compatible with Android devices, but it can be downloaded to your iPhone too. It is one of the top free games to play without WiFi.
  • This is a standalone game which follows Alto’s Adventure and will not require you to play the first one.
  • Lets you explore various environments, from rolling dunes, mysterious temples, stunning canyons, and different landscapes even.
  • Get to meet Alto and the gang. Unlock all characters and get to study their attributes and abilities too.
  • Zen mode has its own soundtrack with no coins, powerups, and scores to worry about.

    Download: Get Alto’s Odyssey here.
Best Offline Games for Android
2. Mazes & More
You can easily finish a maze due to its simplicity, but Mazes & More isn’t your ordinary maze game. The stakes are higher as the developer added more twists to each level. For example, if you choose to play the Darkness mode, you will be given a glimpse of the maze right before it goes dark. Your only light in this mode is this small spotlight. This makes it more challenging to navigate around the maze and this is why it is one of the top offline Android games. If your eyes need a break, or you just want to play the old-fashioned maze, simply choose Classic Mode. Don’t worry, it still comes with several levels to keep you entertained. To install this gaming app, your phone should have Android version 1.32 onwards with 10.9MB of space available.
  • All mazes are designed by hand which means that there are no randomized levels to play through
  • Makes use of retro 2D graphics for that classic feel to it
  • No need to worry about accelerometers that are not responding, or awkward tilt controls
  • There are six categories to choose from such as Darkness, Classic, Enemies, Time Trial, Traps, and Ice Floor.

    Download: Get Mazes and More here.
3. Once Upon a Tower
If you are expecting to save a damsel in distress, you will find Once Upon a Tower having an unexpected twist. In this gaming app, there is no prince to rescue the princess but rather, the princess herself will attempt to escape the tower while fighting off ogres, dragons, spiders, and other creatures. Your character will be making her way downwards from the top of the tower, and with her trusty sledgehammer, smash her way against the ogres, spiders, and other creatures along the way. To help the princess pass each level, you need to get as many coins and power-ups you can manage. With all of this and more, Once Upon a Tower earned its place on the best free offline Android games list.
  • The princess smashes her way from the tower using her sledgehammer
  • Superb graphics throughout the game
  • Requires strategy to get your princess out of the tower quickly
  • Beat different levels with power ups and collecting coins
  • Escape the dreaded tower by dealing with the princess’ enemies and the gravity too

    Download: Get Once Upon a Tower here.
4. Crossy Road
Another one of the best offline games for Android. If you are among the lucky ones who were able to play Frogger in Atari, you’ll enjoy Crossy Road because of its modern twist. Younger gamers are sure to find this offline gaming app to be quite entertaining on their own. The goal here is to help the chicken, or any character that you have unlocked, to cross the dangerous road without getting hit by oncoming traffic. Here’s how you play it:
  • Tap on the screen to take one step forward
  • Swiping on the screen towards the left, will move your character in that direction. The same goes true when you swipe to the right
You will need to tap faster especially when you don’t want to get squished by cars and trucks or miss out on the logs that you will need to step on to cross the stream. Besides being one of the top offline Android games, It is also compatible with Windows Phone, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
  • Retro art style makes this game appealing to both young and old
  • Tap and swipe on the screen to avoid vehicle while crossing the road
  • Tap once to move one lane or swipe left and right to go in these directions
  • Numerous characters to be unlocked
  • Try beating your previous scores

    Download: Get Crossy Road here.
5. Really Bad Chess
Searching for the best free offline games for your Android smartphone? Then this one is going to take up most of your time. This application may appear like your regular game of chess, but Really Bad Chess adds a certain flair to it. In this game, you will start with limited pieces only. This means that you need to think outside the box on how to beat the AI with such a limited number of chess pieces on your board. This is perfect when you are offline and would like to test your strategy skills.
  • Starts with limited chess pieces
  • Lets you think outside the box as you try and beat your opponent with few chess pieces
  • Playable even when you are offline
  • More challenging twist to the classic game of chess

    Download: Get Really Bad Chess here.
6. Traffic Rider
Traffic Rider is another game that is considered one of the best offline games for Android you can play on your smartphone. The premise of the game is to ride your motorbike in the congested roads of the city as fast as possible to reach the finish line. The only thing is that you will be riding at breakneck speeds which is quite challenging. If you don’t want the mindless driving, you can go on missions where you will be facing various targets. Do check out the time trials and other modes. To unlock several superbikes, you will need to finish the mission mode. With new bikes to try out, getting to that finish line will be quite exciting.
  • There are around 29 superbikes for you to unlock
  • Make your way through 70 challenging missions in career mode
  • Sounds of motors were recorded using real motorbikes
  • The camera view is on the first-person perspective
  • Detailed environments that come with night and day variations

    Download: Get Traffic Rider here.
7. Plants Vs Zombies 2
This gaming application did make a splash in 2013, and today, it is still viewed as one of the best offline mobile games to hone your skills in strategies. The goal here is quite simple, which is to prevent the zombies from infiltrating your yard. In order to achieve this, you will need to strategically place your plants on your yard where they can do the most damage. Each plant has its own powers, so it is necessary to familiarize yourself with their skills to know where you will place them in your yard. Keep in mind that the higher the level you go, the more difficult the challenge will be.
  • Unlock different plants and meet new zombies as the game unfolds
  • Get as many packets of seeds to use on your plants to make them extra powerful to fight off the zombies
  • Travel through different stages to fight off hordes of zombies, endless zones, and mini games on the side
  • Must accept EA’s user agreement and privacy policy before being able to download

    Download: Get Plants vs Zombies 2 here.
Unleash your inner Judge Dredd with JYDGE, one of the best offline games for Android. This shooter game is equipped with twin sticks which lets you move your character while controlling his weapon. What this means is that you will have two joysticks on your screen. One for moving your character, while the other lets you manipulate your weapon. You will find the controls to be responsive which make you catch up with the frantic pace of the game. You need to be lightning fast with your reaction time as you will need to fight off your enemies and dodge bullets too. The latest app version of JYDGE is and is compatible with Android version 3.0 and onwards.
  • Virtual two stick controls let you control your character and his shooting and aiming abilities
  • Each mission poses a challenge that will keep you on your toes
  • Get points to improve your gavel gun to unlock more fire modes, access secondary weapons, and more
  • Cool soundtrack keeps you riveted on the game

    Download: Get JYDGE here.
9. Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition
The first time Street Fighter IV was released, gamers needed to stay online to play the game. Fortunately, this restriction is no longer in place, thanks to Capcom. This means that you will be able to play your favorite characters even when you are offline. You can play with real players, but you will need to connect to your WiFi to do so. On the other hand, if you just want to train, you can play some matches with the AI while you are offline. Downloading this application for free will give you access to Ryu and several other characters. However, if you want to unlock characters like Guile, Chun-Li, and other classic fighters for only $5. Look for the app version 1.01.02 when downloading this gaming app, and make sure that your android is equipped with Android 4.4 and up to be able to get this game.
  • Lets you brawl with AI offline to enhance your skills
  • Open all characters in this fighting game for only $5.00
  • The controls are quite responsive even your phone’s screen
  • Toggle dedicated assist button to unleash special moves

    Download: Get Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition here.
10. ICEY
At first glance, ICEY is this stunningly made hack-and-slash type of game. It features a cybernetic samurai that spins, slashes, and dashes through various foes who are coming for her. There is this satisfaction of slashing your way through various levels that get harder. A narrator can guide you throughout the game by pointing to you the direction to take. Don’t assume that this game is going to be easy because there are quite a lot of surprises in store for you. It is possible for you to deviate from the path suggested by the narrator. This unlocks new stories that keep the game quite interesting. Choose the version 1.0.4 for this app. This game is suited for smartphones with Android 4.1 and up installed and is definitely one of the best offline mobile games ever!.
  • Hack-and-slash game where you will combat several foes
  • Comes with a narrator that guides you throughout the game
  • Explore new routes to unlock hidden stories and gems throughout the game
  • Exciting and interesting story keeps you hooked on the game

    Download: Get ICEY here.
11.   XCOM: Enemy Within
For those who are looking for a tactical game, XCOM: Enemy Within is the perfect app to download. This strategy game puts you as the team leader of your unit assigned to get rid of all the alien monsters. What you’ll love about this game is that it has an impressive graphics that will leave you mesmerized for hours. The game itself is easy enough to understand, but can be challenging too, especially as you complete each mission. It is also possible for you to upgrade your weapons with the alien tech available so you will be in a much better position to finish off your opponents. Playing with several individuals is possible in this game as long as you have internet connection, but if you don’t have any WiFi connection, this game will still provide you with hours of entertainment. Download the 1.7.0 version to get the latest, plus this game will only run on Android 4.0 or higher.
  • Online multiplayer for added fun
  • You get control of team tasked to fight the alien monsters
  • Get upgrades for your team using alien technology
  • Playable offline for more hours of entertainment

    Download: Get XCOM: Enemy Within here.
12.   Minecraft: Pocket Edition
This is probably one of the best franchises in video game history today. Even though the version for mobile use may not have all the amazing features found in desktop PC, the updates that were done over the years made it almost the same. This is why it gained its place on this list of best mobile offline games. What’s great about this Android app is that it gives you access to an open-world type of sandbox where you can create things or use up for your survival. While you are in the game, you will be able to build structures and other mechanisms or defend your territory against others. You will discover several items that will help you make your equipment stronger and better. Buying this game for $6.99 lets you play both online and offline. If you want to play with your friends, you will need to be connected to the internet. On the other hand, going offline can still provide you with hours of entertainment. The version of this application and compatibility features will depend on the device that you are using.
  • Provides sandbox for creating and surviving which is in an open world
  • Playable with or without internet connection
  • Build structures and various mechanisms as much as you like
  • Fight off mobs during survival mode
  • Tons of items like potions and weapons available

    Download: Get Minecraft: Pocket Edition here.
13.   Tank Hero: Laser Wars
Although this app rarely appears in list of downloadable offline games, this is worth installing in your Android device. You will be Tank Hero in this game, and your goal is to eliminate all the tanks with the aid of your laser-powered weapon. The virtual joystick helps you maneuver your tank, while tapping on your display screen will let you shoot. This may sound simple enough but wait until you have progressed through the game. Not only will you be battling with other tanks, but you will also need to find your way out of the mazes, and getting as much power-ups as possible. It is possible for you to destroy the rest of the tanks by bouncing your laser off the walls.
  • Virtual joystick makes you control your tank easily while tapping on the screen tells your tank where to shoot
  • Impressive game play with several tanks fighting on the screen
  • Difficulty level increases with each level, with tanks becoming bigger, stronger, and more difficult to destroy
  • Game is playable offline
  • Bounce off the laser on the walls to destroy enemy tanks

    Download: Get Tank Hero: Laser Wars here.
14. Smash Hit
What other offline games should you try? How about Smash Hit? This can be considered as one of the most addicting games that was played back in 2014 and today, it still offers the same fun and excitement on your Android device. This gaming app puts you in a first-person perspective where you need to smash through various glass objects by throwing steel balls at them. To create chains in the game, you will need to smash those glass objects successfully and continuously too. Among the bonuses that are available include multiplying the amount of steel balls that you can throw. With each level that you finish, you will find that the pace will be picking up and that the difficulty level will increase.
  • Break glass objects using your steel balls to move on to the next level
  • Build chains of successive hits to get upgrades such as multiple steel balls thrown at the same time
  • Avoid getting hit by glass objects
  • The pace will pick up as you progress through each level, so speed is necessary

    Download: Get Smash Hit here.
15. Lazors
Based on a poll in Reddit, this gaming application is worth installing in your Android device as it is playable offline too. If you want to know why, all you need to do is to try it out yourself. In each level, you will be starting with a few active lasers and multiple targets that you need to hit. There are glasses, mirrors, and blocks too that you can move around. You can adjust the position of these items to help the laser bounce off them. This may sound easy at first, but keep in mind that each level will be more difficult than the next.
  • Aim to hit your targets with the active lasers
  • Mirrors, blocks, and glasses can be used to bounce lasers to hit the targets
  • Around 280 levels to go through
  • Each level will be more challenging than the next
  • Playable offline for hours of fun and strategizing

    Download: Get Lazors here.
The interest in android games will not die down anytime soon, and although there is a common misconception that you will need to play online to enjoy their full benefits, there are games that you can play offline that can still keep you entertained. Aside from those mentioned above, there are more to check in Google Play to download on your phone for some entertainment. Whether you are looking for strategy games, hack and slash games, racing games, or even match-3 games, you’ll find plenty of offline games for free download.

The only thing that is left to do is see if the game is compatible with your brand new or refurbished device here before downloading. You can get the free version if you like or buy it for a small fee to unlock all the features. Loading your smartphone or tablet with these entertaining games can help you while away the hours regardless of whether you have access to the internet or not. Fortunately, with the huge memory available in smartphones today, you will have plenty of games to try out.