iPhone Battery Draining Fast! Learn How, Why & The Fixes


October 26, 2021

Why is My iPhone Battery Draining Too Quickly?
Have you noticed your iPhone battery is draining fast? You're not alone. In fact, iPhone battery issues are among the most common concerns that iPhone users often complained about.

It is true that batteries are consumable items and will wear out over time. However, oftentimes, the problem with the iPhone is not the battery but an app or even the charger. 
What causes you iPhone battery to drain fast
You look at your iPhone and saw that its at 15 percent even though you remembered to charge it full that day. You might be thinking, "Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast?"

The following are some of the reasons why your iPhone battery draining fast even after you have charged it at full capacity before using the device.
  • iOS issues. Your iPhone battery dying quicker than it used to might be due to upgrading the iOS system. Why? It is because it will have higher requirements on your phone's hardware, including the battery.
    There are reports of the iOS 14.2 resulting in fast draining batteries. According to these reports, the iPhones are draining quickly even in idle mode and the device charges more slowly. Additionally, the iPhone warms up while charging.
  • Location tracking. If the location tracking is turned on all the time and for every app, its going to take a lot of effort to connect to GPS per time. All that effort means more battery drain for your device.
  • Automatic downloads. Data is used when yo        u're downloading updates. When cellular data or WiFi is on, this will drain on resources. This means, automatic updates will make your battery low.
  • Not closing unnecessary apps. Not closing an app when you are not using it will cause the battery power to decline.
  • Bad network signal. If you are in an area where the network coverage is bad, your iPhone uses extra resources to connect to a network. This will result in your phone dying faster than before.
  • Diagnostics and Usage data. Do you know that Apple and other third-party app developers need data to improve your iPhone experience? It collects such directly from iPhone users in the form of Diagnostics and Usage Data, which, if turned on all the times, will drain your battery.  
  • Push Mail. If your mail is set to push, that means that your iPhone maintains a constant connection to your email server. It is so that the server can instantly push the mail to your iPhone as soon as it arrives. The flow of data whenever your iPhone is set to push will cause your battery to drain very quickly.  
Why is My iPhone Battery Draining Too Quickly?
How to stop your iPhone battery from draining fast
Now that you know what causes your iPhone battery to drain so fast, you are probably thinking along the lines of "How do I stop my iPhone battery from draining fast?"

Here are some of the ways you can fix your iPhone battery issues.
  • Check the apps that consume the most power. You need to examine all the apps in your iPhone and check which ones are eating up the battery power the most.
    The following steps will help you quickly see which apps are draining your iPhone battery.
  1. First, you open Settings on your iPhone. Choose Battery.
  2. You tap Battery Health. You should make sure that your iPhone is at "Peak Performance Capability." If it is not, you might need to go to the Apple Store to get a new battery. You will need to do this if your battery's maximum capacity is below 90 percent.
  3. Go back to the main battery screen and scroll down.
  4. There you will see a list of the apps that have used the most battery life. You might even see an app that is draining your iPhone's battery far faster than anything else.
  5. Then, you tap Show Activity.
  6. There, you will see how long you have spent using each app. If you see an app that drains your battery a lot even though you are not using it for a long time, you might need to uninstall it.
  7. Next, you tap Last 10 Days. This will show you the apps that used the most battery over the last 10 days.  
  • Make sure your iPhone is charging properly. To check the Battery Level of your iPhone, head over to Settings > Battery. In the Battery Level, you will see an area colored in green and another in yellow. The green one shows when the iPhone was running normally off of its own battery power, while the yellow one shows when your iPhone was in Low Power Mode.

    You will also see the Last Charge Level, which shows how much charge was put into the battery during the last recharge. This is a good way to quickly see if your iPhone battery was fully charged or not.

    You can also use this to see what your battery drain is like, and whether your iPhone is actually charging.
    You need to examine all the apps in your iPhone and check which ones are eating up the battery power the most.
    The following steps will help you quickly see which apps are draining your iPhone battery.
  • Fix Push Mail. You will save a lot of battery life if you change your iPhone from push to fetch. Instead of letting your iPhone check for new mail all the time, you can your device do it for every 15 minutes instead.

    Follow these steps to change your iPhone from Push to Fetch.
  1. First, go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Fetch New Data.
  2. Next, turn off Push at the top.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and choose Every 15 Minutes under Fetch.
  4. You tap on each individual email account and, if possible, change it to Fetch.
  • Turn off unnecessary location services. You should choose which programs and services can access your location. This will help you not only slow down battery drain but also in your personal privacy issues.

    Here's how to fix location services:
  1. First, you go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  2. Next, tap Share My Location. You can leave this on if you want to be able to share your location with your family and friends in the Messages app. However, you should be careful since this is how some people do it if they want to track you.
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap System Services.
  1. You can turn off everything on the page except Emergency SOS, Find My iPhone (which will help you locate if your iPhone is lost) and Motion Calibration & Distance (if you’d like to use your iPhone as a pedometer – otherwise, turn that off too).
    Don't worry, your iPhone will work exactly as it had before. The compass will also still work and you’ll connect to cell towers just fine — it’s just that Apple won’t be receiving data about your behavior.
  2. Tap Significant Locations. Did you know your iPhone has been tracking you everywhere you go? This ability actually puts so much strain on your iPhone battery.
    You can turn off Significant Locations by tapping
  3. Turn off all the switches under Product Improvement. Take note that these only send information to help Apple improve their products, not make your iPhone run more efficiently.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and turn on Status Bar Icon. Through this, you will know your location is being used when a little arrow appears next to your battery. If you noticed that the arrow is on all the time, that means that there’s probably something wrong. Tap
4. Turn off Location Services for apps that don't need your location. If you see a purple arrow next to an app, this means that that app is using your location. A gray arrow, on the other hand, means that the app used your location within the last 24 hours, while a purple-outlined arrow means that the app is using a geofence.

Geofence is a virtual perimeter around a location. The apps use geofencing to send you alerts when you arrive at or depart from a destination.  

You should pay attention to any apps that have purple or gray arrows next to them. You should determine whether or not these apps need to know our location. If they do, you can leave them alone. However, if they don't, you tap on the name of the app and choose Never to stop the app from unnecessarily draining your iPhone battery.
  • Update the apps on your iPhone. The outdated apps can be the cause of your iPhone battery draining fast suddenly. Why? This is because, on an available app update, the apps on your iPhone might try to get automatically updated in the background and this could result in draining your iPhone battery. Outdated apps that work improperly can lead to sudden draining of battery power. To update the apps on your iPhone, open the App Store in your phone and tap Update All, which can be found at the top.
  • Close all the apps in the background. You're probably not aware of it but there are apps you use that run in the background even after you exit those. Since these apps are still running in the background, they could be the cause of a sudden draining of your iPhone battery.

    If you want to improve the battery life of your iPhone, you close those apps. Here's how: 
  1. First, double-click the Home Button. You will see the iPhone app switcher. The app switcher allows you to see all the apps that are stored in your iPhone's memory.
  2. Swipe left or right to browse through the list.
  3. If you want to close an app, swipe on the app and push it off the top of the screen. This will close the app and it can't drain your battery in the background.

    You need no to worry as the data will never be deleted by closing the apps. It will also not cause negative side effects.
  • Enable Low Power Mode. By enabling Low Power Mode, the iPhone battery drain will be reduced and will make your battery last for several hours longer than in normal mode.
    What will happen when Low Power Mode is on? The mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads and some visual effects will be reduced or turned off automatically. Doing this will significantly increase the battery life on your iPhone.
    To enable Low Power Mode, go to Settings and tap Battery. Toggle the switch next to Low Power Mode to turn it on.
    Take note, this feature is only available on iPhones that are running with iOS 9 and later.
  • Turn off Raise to Wake. If your iPhone is running with iOS 10, the Raise to Wake option in your phone settings is turned on by default.

    What is Raise to Wake? It is a feature that automatically wakes your iPhone screen as soon as you pick it up from flat on a surface. If you move around a lot with your iPhone in your hand, your iPhone screen wakes up automatically. It will remain constantly turned on which is one of the causes of your iPhone battery draining fast.

    To save your iPhone's battery life, you should turn off the Raise to Wake feature. Here's how: Go to Settings and tap the Display & Brightness. Then, toggle the switch next to Raise to Wake to turn it off.
    By enabling Low Power Mode, the iPhone battery drain will be reduced and will make your battery last for several hours longer than in normal mode.
  • Close services and apps in Widgets. Widgets is another feature that will consume your battery life. The services and apps in Widgets may use a lot of power. Just follow these steps to deal with Widgets:
  1. First, swipe your Home Screen to the right and you will see Widgets.
  2. Next, scroll the screen and you will see all the services and apps of your iPhone.
  3. Then, you tap the Edit button and close the services or apps you don't need.

    You need no to worry as the data will never be deleted by closing the apps. It will also not cause negative side effects.
Other means to reduce the iPhone battery drain are to:
  • Turn on Airplane Mode
  • Turn off vibration
  • Turn off auto-brightness feature
  • Turn off WiFi when not in use
If you find your iPhone battery draining fast all of a sudden, you can be assured that by following the above-mentioned tips you will be able to stop your iPhone battery drain. You can also enjoy Optimized Battery Charging with the refurbished iPhone devices at QwikFone. So if you’re looking to purchase a new iPhone and save hundreds of pounds at the same time, you can get low-budget cheap iPhones at QwikFone.