Is it Good & Safe to Buy Smartphones in Exchange Offers?


november 26,2021

Is it Good & Safe to Buy Smartphones in Exchange Offers?
by Ishaan Seth February 12, 2021
Mobile phones have become a necessity now more than ever. But with the constant price increase on these devices, many are looking for cheaper ways to acquire a new gadget. Although many have decided to stick with using their current phone (which can receive updates for three to four years), many are seeking to upgrade. There is one way to save money while getting a new smartphone and that is taking advantage of exchange. 
What Do You Mean by Smartphone Exchange Offer?
According to Amazon, a phone exchange is a feature that allows mobile phone users to exchange or trade-in old smartphones for a new cell phone at discounted prices. The discount will vary depending on the condition of your used gadget wherein the buyback companies that are in partnership with Amazon, eBay, or other retailers, will dictate.

How will this work? You will be asked to provide basic details about your smartphone such as its model, serial number, and even its condition. If your old model is eligible for exchange, you can choose the phone that you want to buy to see how much you need to pay for. The delivery personnel will pick up your old phone as you receive your new device. During this time, the personnel will go over your smartphone to see if it is as you have detailed in the site.
Is it Good & Safe to Buy Smartphones in Exchange Offers?
What Should I Do Before Mobile Exchange?
The idea of exchanging or trading-in your old smartphone for a new one is quite enticing especially since you will be able to get discounts on your next gadget. Although the prospect of getting a premium device without paying the original retail price is exciting, before you continue with the exchange, there are a few things that you need to do first.
  • Backup All of Your Files.
    We rely on our handheld devices to store all of our personal information, photos, videos, and other files pertaining to work that losing them can be a blow to us. This is why, before you commit to exchanging your smartphone for a different model, you should backup all of its contents prior to wiping it clean. Syncing your account, regardless of whether you are using an iPhone or even an Android device, can help save you time when it comes to backing up all of your information from one gadget to the next.
  • Clean SD Card.
    What should I do before mobile exchange? Don’t forget to check your microSD for any files that you weren’t able to transfer just yet. You can transfer your photos and videos via Bluetooth or insert the microSD in your laptop to copy its contents. Do not leave anything behind in your mobile phone or in its internal and external storage as this can be a security breach on your end.
  • Do a Factory Reset.
    Once you are satisfied that you have purged your old phone from any personal files then proceed to performing a factory reset. Check your device’s setting and look for the “backup and reset” option. From there, choose the option where you will be able to erase all the data present in your phone then continue with resetting your smartphone. Afterward, remove your SIM card then wipe your device clean and you are ready to proceed with exchanging it with a new one.
How Can I Buy Mobile with Exchange Offer?
For sure, you have plenty of questions with regards to using this feature being offered by retail giants especially if it's your first time. Each retailer will have its own system with regards to their exchange features or trade-ins. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Amazon
  1. Check the Trade-In Store in Amazon to see if there is a market for your smartphone.
  2. If your mobile phone is eligible, you will need to provide further details about it such as condition of the unit, any accessories that it may come with, You will receive a shipping label that you need to print out.
  3. Pack your device in a box with paddings to prevent damage during shipping then attach the shipping label to it.
  4. Ship out the item on the indicated date.
  • eBay
  1. Head to eBay and check their Instant Selling page.
  2. Enter your phone’s information and upload any photos that you have of it.
  3. Wait for a quote based on the details you have provided.
  4. Print out the label for shipping your unit to eBay.
  • Vodafone
  1. Check the list of requirements that Vodafone has for a phone to be accepted as trade-in.
  2. Once your device has passed the requirements, you can choose a smartphone with the current trade-in rate applied.
  3. A return pack will be sent to your home.
  4. Return the device through a pre-paid postage.
What Happens to the Exchanged Mobile Device?
The product exchange offer does provide consumers with a chance to dispose of their old devices to earn money or use them to get discounts for the new model that they want to purchase. But what happens with the units that were sent to these retailers? Well, there are different ways that Amazon, eBay, and other third-party sellers handle these units. Here’s what they will do with exchanged mobile.
  • Sell as Used or Refurbished.
    If a smartphone is not in the best condition but it is still functioning, these retailers can put it up as a used or refurbished smartphone. A certified refurbished device means that it has passed the strict refurbishment process of the manufacturer to ensure that the unit is working like new. Retailers can earn a little extra here because they can still make a profit out of the refurbished unit. Know the actual process to calculate the resale value of a smartphone.
  • Unit is Returned to the Manufacturer.
    On the other hand, if the mobile phone you sent back is no longer in tip-top shape or no longer working, it will be sent back to the manufacturer. This way, they will be able to remove parts that are still usable and recycle the rest. This does help reduce e-wastes and even help the manufacturer get parts that they can use for repairing returned items to them.
What Advantages to Get from Phone Exchange Offer?
Exchanging old devices to get a new one seems too good to be true, but manufacturers and vendors have seen the benefits of it not just to their customers but to their business too. Here are its advantages:

  • It helps them get rid of old smartphones and earn money from it.
  • They can trade-in or exchange their old device for a new one at discounted rates.
  • It can reduce their carbon footprint since their old units will be repurposed or refurbished.
  • Even non-working smartphones are still accepted since they can be reused or recycled which means that there is no loss on the customer’s side.
  • The exchange offer entices consumers to spend on getting a new device because they can trade-in the old one for it. They will only need to pay the remaining balance which is a huge discount already.
  • It indirectly promotes the newest releases since customers will be checking out which devices they can get during the phone exchange. This increases the visibility of their premium smartphones because of the high traffic they are receiving.
  • More sales of the company’s newest handheld devices even though they will be spending money to acquire the traded gadget.
  • It also encourages loyalty among their customers since offering the option to send in an old phone in exchange for a new one will encourage people to stick with them.
  • The seller can make a profit out of the returned unit by putting up as a used or refurbished mobile device.
  • They can earn from delivering the returned unit to the manufacturer.
  • It also means more commission for them since the more old units being exchanged, the better their chances of earning income especially when they hand over these units to their manufacturers.
It Safe to Exchange Phone on Amazon?
For those who are asking whether it is safe to exchange one’s phone on Amazon or any other retailers, the answer would be yes. As long as you abide by the rules that are set by the store. Of course, there are precautionary measures that you should follow such as backing up all of your files and doing a factory reset on your device prior to shipping it out to Amazon. This prevents other people from gaining access to your personal information that you may have saved in your exchanged device.

Taking advantage of the phone exchange offer is a great idea if you have set your sights on the more premium models but don’t want to spend that much amount on one. Checking whether your old smartphone can be exchanged for a new one plus paying off the balance means that you will get the unit that you like while saving money at the same time. Some can even exchange their old device for a different type of electronics even which is a plus.
Other Alternatives
Are there any alternatives exchanging your old smartphone for a new one? Well, you can go for getting a used or refurbished device if you don’t want the hassle of trade-ins. Just make sure that you know the difference between the two.
  • Used. The gadget will be sold the way it is meaning if it has a cracked glass, or loose buttons, and whatnot, that is exactly what you will get. This is why used mobile devices are often cheap to begin with.
  • Refurbished. This one is more promising since retailers will want to make money out of it. They usually do this by repairing and refurbishing returned smartphones until they are in pristine condition before they are sold.
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Wrap Up
The phone exchange offer certainly has its merits especially in the case of those who want to acquire a new smartphone but don’t want to pay a high fee for one. Just imagine being able to make use of the old gadgets that you have lying around your house in your quest to secure a premium smartphone without paying more than a thousand pounds for it.

There are different retailers that are offering exchanges like Amazon and eBay, but look to the manufacturers themselves because they too have the tendency to offer discounts and guarantees for specific models that you can take advantage of.