Mobile Repair or Replace: Which option is better?


december 30,2021

Mobile Repair or Replace: How to Make the Right Decision
by Ishaan Seth April 27, 2020
Are you the type of person who brings their damaged device to a mobile phone repair service? Or are you among those who simply look for a replacement? If the cost of a mobile repair is way too high, replacing your smartphone may be the logical choice here. But how come there are phones that can be repaired while others are better off being disposed of?
Possible Reasons Why Mobile Repair is Difficult To Do
According to Elizabeth Jardim, a campaigner of Greenpeace, one of the reasons why it is hard to repair mobile devices nowadays is that they were built to be that way. This is because manufacturers want their customers to purchase from them. One way they make this possible is to limit the availability of mobile phone parts that are sold to third-party vendors, batteries that cannot be replaced easily because they are glued to the device tightly, display that cannot be removed easily, as well as requiring specialized tools for mobile phone repair that can deal with heavy adhesives and screws that are not similar to the standard screws in the market.
Battery Replacement
If you ask a mobile phone repair service on what issues they often encounter that makes phone repair challenging, they will most likely say that their biggest problem is the battery. Around 70 percent of mobile gadgets sold today have batteries that adhere strongly to the body of the phone, or there are no batteries available for replacing the old ones. This is quite frustrating not just to the repair service crew but also to consumers who still have a functioning phone that just needs to have its battery replaced. A good example here is the Galaxy 8 from Samsung wherein its batteries are stuck into the panels completely.

Unfortunately, the batteries of mobile phones do have a certain life cycle which means that new batteries will be required soon enough. However, manufacturers are not eager to provide retailers spare parts which is why mobile repair can be difficult to do in these cases.
Mobile Repair or Replace: How to Make the Right Decision
Availability of Spare Parts
Each mobile device that is sold today has its own specific parts. Unfortunately, the manufacturers themselves aren’t keen on selling any. Unlike earlier versions of smartphones where finding spare parts are easier, nowadays, service centers are having a tough job finding the right replacements. This is because manufacturers prefer their customers to approach their mobile phone repair service and have their device fixed at a certain price. If you are in the lookout for a replacement for your broken phone, ask the kinds of repairs that can be handled by the seller or manufacturer and their cost. This will help you determine if it is worth investing in or not.
Broken Screens
There are some mobile phones that, because of the way they were designed, are prone to issues such as displays that are easily damaged and even water damage just to name a few. It is best that you go for mobile phones that come with a metal chassis rather than the more popular ‘glass sandwich’ because the former can be repaired quickly. Those who are in the mobile phone repair service said that when it comes to repairing a damaged back panel made from glass it is not only challenging to do but quite expensive too.
Are Phones Easy to Repair?
Who doesn’t want to maintain their current handheld device when it is still in working condition or has minor damages that can be replaced? The thing is, there are certain models that are proving to be quite challenging when they need to be fixed. Here are a few that are worth mentioning.
Galaxy 8 Series
The Galaxy 8 Series is given a low rating in terms of repairability since both the front and rear glass are prone to get damaged. What’s more, the company is using heavy-duty adhesives on its screens which a mobile repair service finds challenging to pry off. The same goes true with their batteries. On a good note, there are several components that can be fixed independently.
iPhone 8 Series
The repairability of Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Pro is high. This is the plus point and that is the reason You can buy the Refurbished iPhone 8 and 8 pro from this website. For starters, the batteries are accessible and replaceable. Additionally, Apple is encouraging wireless charging too which minimizes the strain on the single port in the body of the iPhone 8. However, the rear glass that it is equipped with can be tough to repair when it breaks.
LG’s G6
LG’s G6 has a fair rating when it comes to repairability. What’s keeping it from being a device easy to repair is the glass panels installed on both the front and rear of the phone. LG uses heavy-duty adhesives which can be tough to remove without the right tools.
Can You Repair Your Phone?
It is possible for you to do the repairs yourself since there are tons of self-help videos out there that you can follow. However, before you do proceed with the repairs, think of whether there is a huge possibility that you will be damaging your phone. This is because if you damage any parts and ask for a mobile phone repair service to take over, the warranty may no longer be in place since you have already opened it. Manufacturers seldom say that any third-party fixes will void your warranty, which is why, if you broke your phone, it is best to bring it to a certified service center to keep your warranty intact.
Smartphones and Their Effect on the Environment
Smartphone users often replace their old ones for at least three years of use. This means that a good number of phones that are being disposed of are still usable. Mobile repair is useful as it reduces the number of phones being thrown away. Also, if a smartphone is designed to have replaceable parts, and they are made available to retailers, it will help cut electronic waste significantly.

The beauty of a mobile phone that can be repaired when it is broken is that service centers will be able to gather all the reusable parts and use them on other broken devices. This is considerably better rather than dumping everything in landfills where hazardous materials can cause more environmental problems.
How Manufacturers React on Repairability of their Devices
Unfortunately, big brands in the tech industry are not open to how repairable their latest gadgets are. Among the questions that were asked were about the design of their mobile phones whether they can be opened and replaced by third-party operators and repair services and if they allow their users to help extend the lifespan of their older device by offering easy access to parts and batteries.

Most manufacturers will direct their customers to the company’s repair service centers, while others remain mum on the level of repairability of their devices.
To Repair or Replace That is the Question
When your smartphone of x number of years is starting to malfunction, there is still a possibility that you will be able to have it repaired by visiting the manufacturer’s service center. On the other hand, if the cost of repairs is too expensive, you are better off investing in a new device instead. Of course, you need to consider how you’re going to dispose of your mobile phone properly to avoid leaking hazardous materials. If there is a recycling center near your area, it would be better to bring it to them for safe disposal and recycling of parts. This way, you will be able to do your part in avoiding adding to the garbage problem that we are facing today.