iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro: Everything you need to know about


december 27,2021

New iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Release Date, Price, News
by Ishaan Seth July 2, 2020
Apple’s existing iPhone lineup is going to be shaken up once the tech giant releases its latest offering which is the new iPhone 12. What can you expect from the Apple iPhone 12 series? For starters, there will be several new models under it, such as the iPhone 12 Pro. Also, we can expect that their latest gadgets will come with a more advanced design to improve its 5G tech. Of course, Apple will be introducing a newer and more powerful processor for their latest flagship phones which we will talk about further.

Like it was mentioned before, the latest iPhone series will have more models up for grabs. There is the new iPhone 12 which measures only 5.4 inches, the 12 Max measured at 6.1 inches, then the iPhone 12 Pro which is similar to that of the 12 Max, and finally the  12 Pro Max which measures at an amazing 6.7 inches. All these iPhones are expected to be equipped with OLED screens plus the latest 5G tech.
When is the iPhone Release Date 2020?
With regards to the iPhone 12 release date, there have been rumors that it will not make the annual launch that Apple has been following which usually falls in the month of September. Many Apple followers are expecting that the Apple iPhone 12 will be released in October. This is because of an article that was published by the Wall Street Journal that there was a certain product that will be delayed for a month. This was the spark that caused rumors about the delays in the launch of the latest smartphone from Apple.

There are some reports, however, that claim that we will be seeing the new iPhone in the latter part of September, with the expected shipping of these phones to be done during the first week of October. Although there are delays, it is not as bad as what people are thinking. However, the more premium models will not start its mass production until October.

The ongoing pandemic has already affected the annual Worldwide Developer Conference which will now be done online. This event is slated for June 22 where we will know more about the latest iOS that the company will be using in their recent slate of iPhones.
New iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Release Date, Price, News
Talks About iPhone 12 Price
According to Jon Prosser, a popular analyst, the new iPhone 12 has a starting price of $649. This 5.4-inch device that comes with two cameras at the rear will be less $50 compared to its predecessor. On the other hand, 12 Max is a hundred dollars more expensive compared to the basic iPhone 12 since it has a bigger display.

With regards to the iPhone 12 pro price, which has a display measuring at 6.1 inches, the introductory price is believed to be $999. This is not surprising given that the Pro model will have an extra camera at the rear as well as a LiDAR sensor too. It is possible that Apple will also add the 120Hz ProMotion in this model’s display, but this is just a possibility.

Then there is the Pro Max which is priced at $1,099 as its base price. This is not surprising since the Pro Max is the biggest in the lot with its 6.7-inch phone screen. A fifth device may or may not be released with an expected price tag below $649 since, instead of 5G, it will go back to being 4G connected.
What to Expect from the iPhone 12 Series?
Now that you have an idea of the different sizes for the iPhone 12 series, let’s find out what makes each make and model interesting for Apple users.
  • iPhone 12. This entry-level Apple gadget is the smallest of the four, at just 5.4 inches of the OLED display. It is believed that the resolution of its display will be at 2340 x 1080. Analysts believe that that the Y-OCTA tech is going to be integrated into the screen itself for better responsiveness. With regards to this model’s hardware, it will have Apple’s A14 processor plus 4GB worth of RAM. There are two options for its internal storage which are 128GB and the 256GB.
  • iPhone 12 Max. It has the same specs as that of the base model with the exception that it has a bigger screen which is at 6.1 inches.
  • iPhone 12 Pro. Having the same size as that of the 12 Max, the 12 Pro is believed to be the first-ever smartphone that can support 10-bit color. It comes with a resolution of 2532 x 1170 plus support for Y-OCTA. Instead of 4GB RAM, the iPhone 12 Pro is expected to have bigger RAM which is expected to be at 6GB. The Pro version will have four camera lenses at the back.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max. The hardware is the same as that of the iPhone 12 Pro with the exception that the Pro Max ha a bigger screen measuring at 6.7 inches.
More on iPhone 12
Bloomberg has reported that the Apple iPhone 12 is expected to have the same features as that of the iPhone 5. This means that the newest handheld devices will have the flat metal edges that previous models had. Also, the notches at the front for the camera will still be there but made smaller.

The base model of the latest iPhone will be surprisingly compact, but it does make up for the fact that the full screen remains to give you the most out of its gadget. Prossner has also tweeted that Apple may be able to reduce the notch in their latest phone by transferring the speaker up in the phone’s upper bezel.

With regards to its colors, it is safe to say that the tech company will simply follow the available colors in their previous smartphones. What this means is that there will be several colors to consider for the first two models. However, in the case of the Pro and Pro Max, it is expected that the colors will be darker and that they will stick with common color palettes such as silver and even Space Gray.
Other Features to Watch Out For
The tech giant has been using the Lighting port ever since they have launched the iPhone 5. But things are starting to change since the recent iPad Pro makes use of USB-C which, because of the European Union, will have to incorporate the same charging method in Apple’s latest tech.

All the newer iPhones are designed to be compatible with 5G networks, but this will depend mostly on which iPhone 12 you are going to get. Both the iPhone 12 Pro and the Pro Max offer two methods of 5G connectivity and these are the mmWave plus the sub-6GHz. Get more info here about iPhone 12 pro and pro max.
Like it was mentioned before, the first two are expected to have just 2 cameras at the rear, while the higher versions will have three extra cameras with the fourth being the LiDAR. Although the iPhone 11 was the first time that an iPhone has three camera lenses at the rear, many are expecting that this feature will continue.

With the LiDar sensor, your phone will be able to judge how far the object is from your smartphone. This means that you expect to have better shots with your phone. It also appears that the tech company is currently developing a lens that is similar to that of a periscope for better zooming capabilities.
Performance Capabilities
There is no doubt that Apple will be using its latest processor for its newer handsets, but there is no benchmark yet for its capabilities. However, according to leaked reports, the A14 processing chip is said to take Apple to the next level, leaving Android manufacturers way behind. Still, these reports are hardly worth trusting as they are easy enough to fake. That said, it is best that you wait for the new iPhone to be released before making any judgments on whether it does have the capabilities that the company has been touting.

There is not much talk about the battery life of the iPhone 12, but news has been circulating that many smartphone companies are planning on producing chargers that make use of gallium nitride tech. This tech is expected to reduce the size of adapters without affecting the wattage. Basically, you will be able to charge your latest iPhone using a small charger that delivers up to 65watts.
Face ID
Face ID is common in recent smartphones, as this program is designed to authenticate any functions, such as paying bills, approving any purchases in the Apple Store, and so on. Apple has already received the patent for this crucial tech which makes it easier for everyone to use this app.
Current Outlook
Based on the rumors that have been swirling around regarding the new iPhone 12, this latest iPhone series looks promising. However, there is still much discussion on the iPhone 12 release date especially now when manufacturing companies are reporting delays because of the ongoing pandemic. The same goes true with the iPhone 12 Pro release date.

Regardless of the leaks that we have been receiving on the iPhone 12, they are not enough to satisfy what Apple users are craving for and that is when they will be able to get their hands on the newest smartphone in the market.