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december 29,2021

What is 5G Technology, Its Features and Benefits
by Ishaan Seth May 15, 2020
For the past couple of years, the news of 5G has been at the forefront of the world of technology and communication. Between those who are enthusiastic about it and those who don't even know what it is or what the differences between the different generations of networks, a lot of information is lost. This is why the mobile professionals of QwikFone are offering you the explanation and details of everything about 5G and everything surrounding the concept itself. So, keep on reading to find out how to understand 5G in simplified terms without getting lost in a bunch of unnecessary technical terms.
Why 5G is such a mystery to many people?
First and foremost, when people ask "What is 5G", their question is usually met with the standard answer which is that 5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks. For those who have studied or professionally involved in the field of telecommunication, this answer may be sufficient. For the rest of us who have no idea what mobile network generations are, on the other hand, this answer means nothing as it does not contain an explanation for what 5G is.

So, in the first section of our journey to understanding 5G, we are going to explain what exactly the 5G technology is and how using it in mobile networks is going to make mobile users' lives better.
What is 5G Technology, Its Features and Benefits
What is 5G networks?
The 5G technology is a cellular network that uses radio waves to send encoded data by utilizing the system of cell sites which divides territories in the form of sectors. The idea behind this 5G networks is that they provide connectivity between every device you can possibly imagine including home devices, factory machines, and even random objects that can have the ability to connect to a Wifi network.

To facilitate this, 5G had to be ready to carry enormous amounts of data from and to the different devices and this is exactly the reason why everyone is so excited about implementing the 5G networks in different cities around the world.

While the older mobile network generations followed a certain wireless standard, this fifth generation of networks is designed to transfer much larger data in a shorter time with less latency.

While we are just starting to hear the concept of 5G a few years ago, this concept has been being designed and planned for a long time. In fact, most people would be surprised to learn that 5G is not a new concept, on the contrary, this generation of networks has been in the making for the past decade. Once this powerful network technology is placed and used all over the world, it is certain that we are going to see a leap forward in not only the strength and speed of our networks, but also in the advancements that business and individuals are going to achieve when they are able to use this amazing tech.
Who created 5G technology?
There is no single person or company that is responsible for creating the 5G technology. There are, however, several companies that operate within the mobile and telecommunication market that has been cooperating for the past 10 years in order to bring the 5G networks to life. One of these companies is Qualcomm which is most famous for creating mobile phones chips. This company has contributed to the making of the 5G network by inventing many of the technologies that were essentially used as the foundation of 5G.
How 5G is going to make your life easier?
While listing numbers of the speed and latency of the 5G won't have much of a meaning for those who are not specialized or even interested in the networks and telecommunication fields. There is, however, a way in which a few points can be listed to clarify how 5G is going to make life easier and better for all of us as individuals and as businesses as well.
Machine-to-machine communication growth
This is what is called "The Internet of Things" or IoT and it aims at connecting a massive number of machines and devices without needing human intervention. Connecting billions of devices automatically over a network requires this network to be unusually powerful with specific specifications and these specifications are exactly what 5G is providing.

With 5G, the Internet of Things is going to have the opportunity to revolutionize all aspects of our lives. This effect will be shown the most in the industrial process and agriculture and manufacturing applications.
Communications with reliable low-latency
 Low-latency communications will literally take the world into its next phase towards the future. Thanks to low-latency communications and allowing real-time devices control, the applications of ideas such as remote medical care treatments and procedures. In 2020, as the entire world is facing the coronavirus and is struggling to keep the social distancing in place, controlling devices, for medical care and otherwise, remotely has never been more of a necessity than it is at this point of the modern human lives.

This reduced latency that comes with the fifth generation networks is also going to be useful in sectors such as industrial robotics, safety systems, and any vehicle to vehicle communications that have to be done without human interaction.
Better broadband for mobiles
We all know what a better broadband means, it means having faster internet connections, faster downloads, and a huge capacity of the connection to keep the entire world connected without a business, a factory, or a person having a slowed down connection. Some of the applications for this improved broadband will include having a fixed wireless internet in homes and a much better connectivity to the internet for those who are driving, in public transportation, or even walking in the streets.
5G technology and the global economy
With 5G networks enabled in our cities, we will finally be able to see concepts such as smart homes, smart schools, and smart cars and other vehicles existing on a wide scale so that they become available for the average Joe. Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are going to be available for everyone as well. Imagine being able to travel to your dream location without leaving your home thanks to VR!

As for businesses and the industrial sector, the availability of the huge amount of data and the ability to process it faster will enable them to advance and improve their processes as they will be able to gain brand-new perspectives and insights into business operations. Making business decisions that are based on data will help owners improve their manufacturing processes which will create the opportunity for more savings on the production resulting in a better experience for the customers. Agriculture will also gain a huge leap forward thanks to 5G technology applications in smart farming which will contribute to a sustainable long-term growth.

The possibilities of the social and economic development that can result from deploying 5G networks and the Internet of Things into our lives and cities are limitless. Thanks to this fifth generation of networks, the world is far more closer to achieving the futuristic image we all had in the past for the 2020s than it has ever been.

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