Second Hand iPad Refurbished

Frequently asked questions

What is the refurbished iPad's screen condition?
QwikFone ensures a like-new condition for the iPad's screen by testing the original device's display panel and replacing it with a new one when needed.

Do cheap Apple iPads have new batteries?

Yes, our refurbished iPads have new batteries. If the original battery of the iPad is pristine, it is kept and not replaced with a new battery.

Do second hand iPads look used or have scratches?
No, all of our refurbished and second hand iPads are pristine. These devices look like new and have no dents, scratches, or marks of any sort.

Are accessories included with QwikFone's refurbished iPads?
Yes, a full set of accessories is included with each refurbished iPad.
- The accessory set consists of:
- SIM ejector for iPads with SIM cards
- A pair of earphones
- Lightning charging and data cable
- Charging brick

What’s in the box?

Charging adaptor
USB charging cable
SIM ejector pin

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Apple iPads Refurbished UK | Second Hand iPad Pristine

Cheap Apple iPads are now possible with our refurbished offers. All of QwikFone's Apple Refurbished iPads are renewed in the UK by the top experts in the refurbishment field using the latest technologies and the best practices and techniques. Each second hand iPad is pristine and comes with a set of new iPad accessories, a 12-month warranty, and a full refund guarantee for 30 days. Use Klarna or PayPal Credit to ensure an interest-free monthly payment method.

Is it good to buy refurbished iPads in the UK?

Yes, by buying refurbished iPads in the UK, you can guarantee the best condition, quality and support for your iPad at the cheapest price.

Are QwikFone's second hand iPads secure?

Yes, QwikFone offers original iPad devices with all the authentic iPadOS and security software provided for the device by Apple itself.

Can I update the iPadOS of my refurbished iPad?

Yes, all iPadOS or iOS updates available for your iPad model can be automatically installed on your iPad through the settings app of the iPad.

What does the iPad warranty cover?

QwikFone provides a 12-months warranty that covers the following:
- Free repair for the iPad
- Free iPad replacement for irreparable devices
- Free replacement for defective accessories

What are the refurbished iPad shipping terms?

QwikFone provides free same-day shipping for orders placed during our business hours.
We also provide premium over-night ship out service for late orders.

What are the return terms for the used iPad?

Please contact our customer service team using the telephone number available on the "Contact Us" page. Our representatives will set the date and details of your return shipping as soon as possible.
*Return shipping is free