Second Hand iPhone 7 Unlocked


Frequently asked questions

Is the used iPhone 7 still supported by Apple?
Yes, the iPhone 7 still gets software and security updates from Apple.

Will my used iPhone 7 battery last for good time?
Yes, the iPhone  7 second hand handsets get new battery replacement, ensuring a lengthy battery life.

Are there any visible scratched on the iPhone 7 used body?
No, the iPhone 7 body is smooth all over and looks like a new iPhone 7.

Are the second hand iPhone 7 accessories sold separately?
No, the iPhone 7 accessories are included in the second hand deal price. *All accessories are in brand-new condition and in like-original quality.
What’s in the box?
Charging adaptor
USB charging cable
SIM ejector pin

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Pristine Second Hand iPhone 7 Unlocked |  Warranty & Refund

Choose your favorite color & memory space from our second hand iPhone 7 collection. All devices are pristine and come with new accessories. This deal enables monthly installments through PayPal Credit and Klarna & has a money-back guarantee within 30 days.
The iPhone 7 pre-owned is renewed and repaired using premium spare parts, the latest testing software, and most efficient techniques to ensure a like new condition for the iPhone.

Is the second hand iPhone 7 good to buy in 2021?

Yes, the iPhone 7 is in a like-new condition and performs as well as it did at the time of it launch.

Is a used iPhone 7 going to be secure?

Yes, since the iPhone 7 from QwikFone runs an authentic full version of the iOS with all of its security patches, it is 100% secure to use.

What the latest iOS can the iPhone 7 used run?

The iPhone 7 used still gets iOS upgrades from Apple, you can update it up to iOS 14.7.

Does the warranty cover damaged parts?

If the damage is not caused by an accident or the user's negligence, the defective or malfunctioning parts will be replaced within the warranty.

How long will the iPhone 7 second hand delivery take?

QwikFone provides deliveries within 2 business days.

Will my shipping cost be refunded if I return the iPhone 7 second hand?

No, only the iPhone 7 price is refunded as the shipping cost is a service the customer has already received and cannot be refunded.