Apple iPhone XS Used | Pristine iPhone XS Second Hand


Frequently asked questions

Can I use wireless charger with the used iPhone XS?
Yes, the pristine iPhone XS supports Qi wireless charging and can be safely used with this type of chargers.

Is the second hand iPhone XS's battery replaced?
Yes, worn batteries are swapped for a brand-new battery. QwikFone battery replacements are of the best quality and come with a 1-year warranty.

Are there any visible scratches or cosmetic flaws on the iPhone XS second hand?
No, QwikFone ensures that all handsets of the used iPhone XS line are pristine, look as perfect as brand-new.

Does the iPhone XS second hand price include accessories?
Yes, our customers pay only the price of the second hand iPhone XS and receive:
- 1x pristine iPhone XS
- 1x pair of earphones
- 1x charger brick
- 1x lighting charging cable
What’s in the box?
Charging adaptor
USB charging cable
SIM ejector pin

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Apple iPhone XS Used | Pristine iPhone XS Second Hand

The iPhone XS packs many impressive features and premium specs. Enjoy Super Retina OLED display, the latest iOS version, 3D Touch, dual 12MP camera with 2x optical zoom, and much more at the best price.
Offering the iPhone XS second hand in a like-new condition with the guarantee of the 12-month warranty as well as our 30-day return policy that guarantees full refunds for all returns. The iPhone XS deals include a brand-new set of iPhone accessories for free as well as easy payment methods.

Can I rely on a second hand iPhone XS?

Yes, the second hand iPhone XS is as good as brand-new in every aspect and functions in a like-new quality.

Is a second hand iPhone XS secure?

Yes, QwikFone experts professionally wipe old data and install a reliable authentic iOS with all security standards included.

Can the iOS be upgraded on the iPhone XS second hand?

Yes, the iPhone XS comes with iOS 12, upgradeable to iOS 14.7.

Are the iPhone XS accessories covered in the warranty policy?

Yes, for 12 months, the accessories are guaranteed to work in a perfect way. If any issue occurs, the defective accessories are replaced for free.

How long does the iPhone XS second hand delivery take?

- Our regular shipping and delivery service takes 1-2 business days
- There is a late shipping option available for orders placed after our business hours

Does return terms apply to orders I paid for in monthly instalments?

Yes, QwikFone will refund the amount that is paid up to the return point.