Google Search App Updated with Dark Mode on Android and iOS


december 28,2021

Google Search App Gets Dark Mode on Android and iOS
by Ishaan Seth May 29, 2020
News of the dark mode for Google search app has already spread much to the delight of Android users. This feature has been an ongoing trend since last year which is not surprising why many are eagerly anticipating Google’s move to roll out its own version. Most people who have mobile devices with AMOLED displays prefer to have a darker user interface to lessen their eye strain, it is not surprising why tech companies are rushing to deliver.
What’s the Fuss About Dark Mode?
One of the biggest advantages of the dark mode is its ability to conserve energy in both the traditional OLED displays or the latest AMOLED displays. In the OLED display, all the pixels are lit individually. The white background on the display causes the pixels to be lit which requires lots of power. On the other hand, if the pixels are dark grey or black, the required power will be less.

Another benefit linked to this feature is that it reduces our exposure to blue light. What is this, you ask? It is a high-energy and visible light where its wavelength is the shortest. The sun is the natural source of this blue light, but the handheld devices that we are using frequently also produce a faint amount of it as well.

The problem with blue light is that when you are exposed to it too much, it can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. By activating the dark mode, there won’t be too much blue light for you to worry about. Another thing about having a dark background is that it does make your phone look more elegant which is another reason why many are switching to this feature on.
Google Search App Gets Dark Mode on Android and iOS
Are there Downsides to It?
Although many are happy to go into the dark mode, you shouldn’t leave your phone in this setting all the time. Keep in mind us humans are designed to have better vision during the day but not so much when night sets in. This is why it is easier for us to see dark objects when there is enough light. Even though it’s cool to have your phone using a dark theme, there are those who cannot stand this feature because of an eye condition like astigmatism. You may also develop light sensitivity when you continue to use your device in dark mode. You can avoid this by finding a good balance between using your phone’s normal settings and dark mode.
Google Search App Goes Dark
Google Search app dark mode comes highly anticipated by smartphone users regardless of whether they are Android users or not. Like it was mentioned before, the dark theme is designed to help prolong a device’s battery life, but aside from that, this latest feature can also make your phone handier to use during nighttime. However, this recently rolled out feature is only limited to those who are using Android 10 and iOS 10.

How do you make dark mode for Google search app go live, you ask? You only need to switch your phone’s system into the dark and the changes will take place already. When you go search for a topic in Google’s search app, you will see that the entire background is finally in dark mode. On the other hand, iOS 12 users will see a toggle in the app that will activate this feature.

In instances where a user has an older version of their operating system, the good news is that it is still possible to turn this feature on, but you will have to do it manually. Go to your phone’s Settings then select the theme. In the list of themes, you will find dark. Click on this then close the app. Once you open your search app in Google, everything is in dark mode.

Google is not known to rush things even when it comes to rolling out updates for dark mode. The same goes true with any of their apps. This approach enabled them to determine whether the update is strong and stable enough to reach as many Android users as possible. Although there is no specific timeframe when this will be fully rolled out, we are expecting news of its release this week.
Is Your Smartphone Ready for Dark Mode?
Smartphone users that have the latest operating system in their device will be notified through a pop-up whether they would like to activate the dark theme throughout their system. If you choose yes, the update will be done automatically.

Google is quite slow when it comes to releasing this latest feature among its applications. So far, their Calendar, Fit, as well as Gmail have the dark mode feature already which can also be seen in Apple’s OS. However, there are still applications like Maps in Google that do not have this trendy feature. So far, Android and its rival, iOS, are offering support for this new feature in all their system starting last year.

Of course, they are not the only ones that are adopting this practice, because there are plenty of tech businesses out there that are utilizing this feature that helps extend battery life. For example, Facebook has released a dark mode option together revealing the company website’s new look. Other applications, like WhatsApp, have also created the dark mode for their program too, much to the delight of their users. It is not surprising that gaming consoles and even computers are starting to go dark as well.
Is Dark Mode for Google Search App Right for You?
If you are having trouble seeing information on your phone at night, activating the Google search app dark mode can be useful. With the background in dark mode, while the text is in a contrasting color, it will help you browse through the internet with relative ease. That is, as long as you don’t have any problem with your eyes.

It is always a good idea to learn how to balance your use of dark mode in your phone even when using the Google search app because you don’t want to end up with a sensitivity to light. You can switch the dark mode during night-time to help keep the glare down to a minimum, so your sleep won’t be bothered too much when your device lights up.

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