iPhone Charging Port Not Working Broken! Solution for Repairing


November 10,2021

iPhone Charging Port Not Working! Solution for Repairing
by Ishaan Seth April 19, 2021
For most of us, iPhones have become sort of an extension of our hands. With the pandemic and the lockdown which has continued for more than a year, our bond with our iPhones has deepened more than ever.

This is why it is now particularly harder to deal with an iPhone with an essential aspect damaged such as the iPhone charging port not working.

Thankfully, QwikFone's mobile phone experts are bringing you all you need to know about your iPhone's charging port, why it might be not working, and how to deal with the iPhone charging port repair situation.
Test Why Your iPhone Charging Port Not Working
There are several reasons why your iPhone might not be charging. For example, the charger brick or charging cable might be defective or broken in one way or another. Another reason could be related to the iPhone battery as it might be defective or worn. Is your iPhone battery draining too quickly? This could be a sign that the problem lies within the battery, not the charging port or the charger.

Here's how to test different parts of your iPhone's charging system:
  1. Use the same charger with another iPhone. If it charges fine, then the issue is that either the iPhone charging port is broken, or the battery needs changing.
  2. Try to flip the lightning jack on the other side and push it a little bit harder into the charging port. If it works, this can be your temporary fix.
  3. Try to charge the iPhone in question using a wireless charger. If it works, then the problem is caused by the wired charger.
  4. Charge your iPhone using only the lightning cable by connecting it to a computer. If this works, then the problem is caused by the charging brick.
Once you have confirmed that the problem is the iPhone itself and not the way you're charging it, it is time to look into the iPhone's charging port repair. While some issues may be severe and require replacing the charging port altogether, some issues could be as simple as dust that got into your iPhone charging port and needs to be cleaned.
iPhone Charging Port Not Working! Solution for Repairing
How to Determine the Issue in iPhone's Charging Port?
The easiest way would be to get your iPhone inspected by a repair professional. QwikFone has the best mobile phone repair experts in the UK who will be able to determine the problem with the iPhone's charging port and offer you the best advice on how to solve this issue whether all it needs is a simple cleaning, or it requires a replacement part.

According to MacWorld, there are several temporary fixes for an iPhone that won't charge. From balancing the iPhone while it is charging, to switching to another kind of lightning cable. However, temporary fixes are not something to rely on when it comes to such an essential functionality as charging!

This is why our recommendation would be trying to clean the charging port.
How to Safely Clean Your iPhone's Charging Port?
If you're under lockdown or can't go to a mobile phone repair shop for any reason, there is an easy and safe way that you can follow to clean your iPhone's charging port at home.
  • First, you need to start with getting the right tools. Stay away from sharp pointy items such as toothpicks, needles, paper clips, and pins when you're about to clean your iPhone's charging port. These items can easily damage your iPhone's charging port. The best tool to use is tweezers with pointy ends.
  • Before you begin with any steps, make sure that your iPhone is turned off.
  • Using dust remover spray, start spraying into the charging port to get any dust within the port loose.
  • After the dust remover loosened the dust and brought it up the edge of the charging port, use the thin tweezers to remove the dust bits.
This process means that you'll need to buy a dust remover to clean your iPhone. Before the thought of additional cost puts you off the whole idea, remember that dust removers are super cheap and using one that is safe on your iPhone can spare you so much more costs that could be paid to replace a damaged charging port.