How to Stop Your Phone from Overheating - Helpful Tips


december 21,2021

How to Stop Your Phone from Overheating - Helpful Tips
by Ishaan Seth August 17, 2020
Smartphones have come a long way from when they were first conceived. Before, they were these simple devices that were meant to send SMS and place calls from time to time. What we have today are these mobile handheld devices that function just like a mini-computer meaning that they have upgraded their internal components, their screens, and their battery packs too in order to sustain their performance. Unfortunately, these changes come with issues and one of them is overheating. What causes it and how to stop your phone from overheating?
Why is My Phone Overheating So Quickly?
Before you look for a mobile overheating problem solution, you need to figure out why your device heats up in the first place. A warm device is not uncommon especially when you have been using a program for some time or were in a call. Keep in mind that the internal parts of your handheld gadget will generate heat so there is nothing wrong with your device feeling a bit warm. However, if your gadget notifies you that it is overheating or that the phone itself is way too hot to the touch, there is something going on with already that needs to be addressed.

There are several possible causes why our phones tend to overheat or become too hot to handle. Let’s find out more about them below.
  • Exposure to Sunlight.
    Spending time outdoors or on the beach, with your mobile phone placed directly under the sun, is one of the most common reasons why our gadgets become hot. The UV rays coming from the sun can easily cause the temperature to rise in your smartphone which poses a problem if exposed for too long. Take note that the internal components inside the mobile device can melt or even break which can cause it to malfunction when used. That is why you need to pay attention to where you are putting your phone especially when you are outdoors as too much sunlight can cause deterioration of its internal parts.
  • Heavy Use of Screen or Processor.
    Heat dispersal is part of any smartphone’s makeup as this protects the user from getting burned when using it. However, they can only handle so much usage. Unlike computers that have a fan that helps keep their components cool, mobile gadgets don’t have that much power. In the event that your device is starting to overheat, but you’re just indoors, there are a few possible scenarios to look into.
    It is possible that you have several programs running in the background, playing video games, or have been streaming for quite some time now. Overheating can also be caused by your screen’s brightness up to its maximum number. The only time that you should choose the highest setting for your screen is when you are outdoors and the sun is too bright for you to see your phone’s display and nothing else.
  • Presence of Malware.
    Why is my phone overheating so quickly? If the first two scenarios don’t apply, but your smartphone is still heating up, you need to consider that your device has been corrupted by malware. Computers, when exposed to malware, won’t be able to stop their processors from being maxed out until a total shutdown occurs. This can happen with various mobile phones as well where programs become active in the background hence, they are causing the processor to run constantly. Malware can easily slip into your handheld devices through downloaded programs, attachments, and other files that you took from the internet which is why it is best that you stick with websites that are trusted.
How to Stop Your Phone from Overheating - Helpful Tips
Tips on How to Stop Your Phone from Overheating
Is there any mobile phone overheating solution that you can use to stop your device from shutting down unexpectedly or get damaged even? This is a question that many smartphone users have been asking for some time now as their devices tend to experience overheating. Fortunately, there are several solutions that you can start with.
  • Disable unnecessary functions and features on your phone.
    One way to prevent your mobile device from heating up is to turn off any unnecessary features like Bluetooth and GPS when they are not needed. These two features tend to drain batteries fast, plus they also cause your processor to work doubly hard. Get some tips how can we stop iPhone battery from draining fast. Check any applications that may be using your phone’s map or even access your Bluetooth and remove permission from them. Keep in mind that giving these programs permission to access your GPS, or other functions from your phone may also lead to overheating especially when they are running continuously in the background.
  • Close programs not in use.
    Most of us have the tendency to open several applications on our mobile devices without really thinking about what it can do to their processor. Unfortunately, with several programs running in the background, the processor will require more juice for it to support these apps. It is best that you shut down these programs or install an application that will do it for you automatically. Your phone doesn’t need to keep on running multiple programs as this can affect its performance in the long run.
  • Invest in an original battery.
    Android smartphones that come with removable battery packs are often prone to overheating especially when you use a non-genuine one. Old batteries or even those that are not genuine can cause fluctuations which can affect the processor as well as the RAM. Not only that, but the wrong kind of battery can also lead to overheating which can damage the phone itself. There are plenty of android users who make the mistake of choosing a cheaper battery pack for their device, only to end up with a broken unit because the battery expanded due to intense heat.
  • Minimize gaming time.
    Even the best of smartphones out there are prone to overheating when they are used extensively. Games that come with high graphics are more likely to use up most of your battery and cause the processor to work double time. You can still play your favorite games but make sure that you let your device cool down after a few hours. This will not only help maintain your battery, but it also avoids causing your smartphone to malfunction in the long run.
  • Take breaks.
    If you have been using your 4G constantly for hours, not only will your battery drain quickly, but your phone can heat up as well. You should reduce your usage of data at least for an hour or two to help your device to cool down. Also, don’t forget to turn off mobile data while you are at it.
  • Download updates.
    Mobile phone companies often release updates to help keep their devices in good working order. If you haven’t upgraded or updated yours just yet, it may affect your smartphone’s function which can lead to battery drain. Fortunately, you can check your phone’s software if there are any latest updates that need to be downloaded to ensure that your smartphone is up to standards. This will also help minimize overheating since everything is working properly.
  • Uninstall applications.
    It is not uncommon for us to install different programs into our smartphones. After all, this is designed to cater to our needs, right? Well, yes, it is made to do just that, but as with all things, it does have limitations too. Simply put, the more programs you have in your gadget, the more the processes will continue to run which can cause your phone to overheat. A good rule of thumb here is to remove programs that you haven’t been using for some time now as they only serve to clutter your phone’s UI.
  • Enable WiFi and other features when needed.
    Another tip on how to stop your phone from overheating is to enable certain services only when they are required. For example, stick with 2G mode while you are on the road or out traveling to minimize the use of battery and other resources on your device. Only enable your WiFi when it is needed as well as other connectivity too.
  • Have your gadget serviced.
    If you have done all the steps mentioned above, but your mobile gadget is still heating up, bring it to the manufacturer as long as it is still under warranty. They will be able to give your unit a thorough inspection to determine what is causing your phone to become too hot to the touch.
    Mobile phones these days are more powerful than we can ever dream of whether it is a Brand new phone or refurbished phone from any retailer or website. However, they can only do so much for us. If you want to prevent your investment from overheating, it is best that you practice the tips mentioned above. These are necessary to help keep your gadget in good condition even after years of use. For sure, by practicing the steps above, you will not be bothered by an overheating gadget in your hands. And if you feel that there is something else wrong with your unit, you can always have it checked in service centers under the phone’s brand to determine what caused the problem.