10 Easy Ways to Save Money So You Can Save On Your Next Travel


january 18,2022

Top 10 Money-Saving Tips So You Can Save On Your Next Travel

by Ishaan Seth November 19, 2019
Whether it is your first time traveling abroad or you are used to it, traveling will always cost more than you plan for it. This is why you always need additional tips on how you can save money on your upcoming trip overseas. Saving money on food and accommodation by looking for local food carts and inexpensive non-touristic restaurants as well as staying in lower-priced hostels are all the tips you will find on the internet. However, there is another aspect of your travel that cost a substantial amount of money which is your phone, calls plan, and mobile data.

In this article, QwikFone experts are going to tell you all the tips and tricks on how to save money through buying and using refurbished mobile phones in your travels.

Refurbished mobile phones save more money than you think

There are a few common points about refurbished mobile phones  that most people take as facts while, in truth, they are not. For example, many people believe that refurbished phones won't come with warranty or accessories which means that you'll have to pay for the phone's repairs, if it requires any, and search and pay for the phone accessories, such as the charger and earphones, separately.

The truth is that while there are many refurbished mobile phone deals that don't offer warranty or provide accessories, many others do provide repair warranty and accessories that require no extra payment other than the refurbished phone's original price. All you need to do to find those deals is just to look for them!

In fact, you don't need to look far as QwikFone offers a year-long warranty for refurbished mobile phones with a possibility to replace the phone is it turned out to be defective. QwikFone's deals additionally include a full set of brand-new like-original accessories.

A huge advantage of deciding to buy refurbished mobile phones is that you can get them already unlocked rather than buying a locked brand-new phone and then go through all the headache of the unlocking process yourself.

The importance of buying an unlocked refurbished mobile phone while traveling is to allow yourself to save the roaming expenses by using local networks for your daily phone calls. With an unlocked mobile phone, you'll be easily able to buy a local SIM card from one of the carriers in the country you're visiting, insert the SIM into your phone, and start making calls and sending SMSs without any further setup required. you will be charged at the local rates for phone calls and messaging as well as the internet bundle that carrier is offering!

Top 10 Money-Saving Tips So You Can Save On Your Next Travel

Choose the best mobile phone for travel

While traveling, you can't just pick up any random mobile phone to use on your trip. There are a few important points that you need to consider while choosing the best mobile phone for your travels. The most important specification in the mobile you're going to travel with is the battery. You have to have a mobile with a good battery that can last through the day in case you get into any situation where you're out most of the day with no access to a power outlet to charge your mobile phone. Since you can't make be 100% certain of the battery quality itself other than from what the phone's reviews say, it's best to opt for a mobile phone with big battery capacity, 3000 to 4000 mAh for example.

You can extend your options when it comes to the phone's available connectivity by opting for a dual SIM phone. This way, you can get two local SIM cards from two different carriers. It won't cost much and you'll have better chances of getting a signal on your phone on either SIM card no matter how often you change your location within the same country.

Buy second-hand mobile phone pristine

Another great idea to save money is to buy a second-hand mobile phone for your travels. Second-hand mobile phones come with amazing discounts and you can get yours in a pristine condition to ensure the perfect quality and the best performance over here. Since pristine phones are almost as good as the brand-new phones, you will be saving the money without giving up any of the features or the grade A quality.

Stop background apps to save your mobile data

In case you don't know this yet, you can have all the apps in your phone closed and some of them are still using the internet connection in the background. This would be no problem if you're connected to a WiFi. If you, however, are using your phone's data to connect to the internet, these apps can consume your internet without you even noticing it.
There are two ways to solve this issue. The first one is to change the app settings to a "data saving" mode, but since you don't know which apps on your phone might be using the internet in the background or how many of them are doing this, it's better for you just to turn off your data completely when you're not using the internet.

Additionally, you should be aware that browsers have different internet consumption levels. So, use Opera to minimize data consumption while using the mobile phone's data.

Of course, it is important to save your phone's data in order to pay less for your carrier's internet services. However, this should not mean that you connect randomly to any open WiFi connection available to you. Connect only to trusted WiFi connections that are available in your hotel, hostel, or Airbnb, for example. Once you find a trusted source of WiFi connection, log into Facebook and Instagram to upload your trip's photos and memories!

Use online messaging apps to save your carrier's bundle

Instead of texting via SMS which costs money, try texting and calling via online apps such as Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger, and so on. Many of these apps use minimum data, and save your voice and video calls for when you're connected to your hotel's WiFi!

Download the local language on Google Translate

If you're traveling to a country you don't know the language of, Google Translate app is going to be your best friend! There is a smart way of using the app which is to download the local language of where you're going. This way, the language will be available on your phone offline and you will be able to communicate even if you don't have access to the internet!

Save maps offline on your phone

Don't wander around in an area that you don't know without a map and don't recklessly wander around, get lost, and use your mobile data on GPS trying to get back! the best option here is to plan your movements. Know where you'll be going, and download your maps according to your plans. Downloading a map will help you to know where you are and where you're going without needing to use mobile data to determine your location live.

Leave your phone in your pocket

Unless you need it for an important call or an urgent SMS, leave your phone in your pocket. Don't waste your mobile data and your battery charge as well as your time. Social media can wait until you get back to your hostel where there is WiFi. Also, don't waste your time and opportunity to enjoy the experience of new places and people.

Traveling to new places and meeting new people is one of the richest life experiences you'll ever get to have. So, plan your travel well so that you don't waste your time, money, and energy on things that can be avoided. Carpe diem, my friend!