Top 7 iPhone 11 Pro Issues & How to Overcome Them?


november 30,2021

Top 7 iPhone 11 Pro Issues & How to Overcome Them?
by Ishaan Seth January 15, 2021
Apple iPhones are certainly getting better with every release. As one of the more recent releases, the iPhone 11 and its siblings, iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max, represent another height of Apple's achievements in smartphone technologies on all fronts. The camera was a certain highlight point for all iPhone 11 releases, but for the iPhone 11 Pro, it was most prominent to have a premium and high-end camera in the mid-way phone between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

With all of its advanced features, Apple users are certainly happy with their experience with this iteration of iPhones. However, nothing in the world of technology can be flawless as there is always room for improvement. This also applies to the amazing iPhone 11 Pro. Despite all of its premium specs and impressive features, Users have come across some issues when using iPhone 11 Pro. Thankfully, there are easy and quick fixes for these issues.

In this post, we're going over the 7 most common issues that iPhone 11 Pro came across and how to resolve these issues to make your experience with this premium iPhone absolutely perfect.
Problems with iPhone 11 Pro include:
  • A display problem
  • A charging problem
  • Activating the iPhone
  • Sound-related issues
  • Heating problems
  • Connectivity-related issues
  • Upgrading iOS issue
The Display Issue:
Many users reported facing iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max touch screen issues. The problem is mainly described as the touch screen being heavy to use and lags when it comes to responding to the users' touch. One user on the MacRumors site also said that his iPhone 11 Pro's screen is washed out in a green-ish tint when he tries to unlock the iPhone and this lasts for a few seconds before his able to unlock the iPhone & use it normally. The MacRumors user said that this problem happens for about 25% of the times when he tries to unlock his iPhone11 Pro. In addition to this being a high percentage to have this issue appear repeatedly, the same or similar issue were reported by several other users and was initially thought to be caused by the OLED panel that Apple used in the iPhone 11 Pro.

Suggested solution: While in some cases the Apple iPhone users believed the problem to be caused by the OLED panel, a simple iOS upgrade to iOS 14 took care of the issue and it went away. For others however, the problem of the green tinted screen persisted. Those who managed to take a screenshot of the green tint on their screen while it lasted for 2-3 seconds, found the screen shots to be looking normal with no tint. This meant that the problem indeed was in the hardware of the screen panel itself. To solve this problem, Apple provided free screen replacements for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max with touch screen issues.
The charging issue:
Both the iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max support Qi wireless charging which means that this feature works only with Qi wireless chargers. However, too many users have complained that while they had the right type of wireless charger, the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max device would not charge when placed on the Qi charger despite recognizing being placed on the wireless charger. Others have reported that their devices start to overheat while not charging when placed on the wireless charger pad.

Suggested solution:  There are several different potential causes for this problem, the first being a problem with the Qi wireless charger itself. So, if you haven't already tried, use another wireless charger to see what happens. If you have tried to use wireless charging on your iPhone with different chargers and it is still not working, try activating the "Optimized Battery Charging" feature in your iOS 13. Finally, try upgrading your iPhone 11 Pro's OS version to the iOS 14. Many software-caused issued in the iOS 13 were solved with the latest upgrade of Apple operating system.
Activation for the first time
This particular issue is not related to the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max exclusively. The activation of a new smartphone despite the model and the brand, even, can represent an issue for many users.

Suggested solution: The first thing to do when activating your iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max is to visit Apple System Status from your iPhone to make sure that everything is working fine. Wait for all systems to have the green icon indicating that the systems are up and running. If the issue is that the iPhone not detecting the SIM card, try using an old SIM card that you know to be working from another phone if your device is unlocked.

Also, try to update your iPhone's iOS to the latest version from the Settings app.
Top 7 iPhone 11 Pro Issues & How to Overcome Them?
Sound-related issues:
Another category that can contain several different types of problems. The issue can be with recording sound, the calls sound, the volume levels, or others.

Suggested solutions:
  • Adjust the position of your SIM card in the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. A mispositioned SIM card can affect the sound levels in your phone.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and try using the defective sound feature again. Bluetooth can sometimes affect sound levels in smartphones.
  • This may sound as an obvious point, but make sure that nothing is blocking your mic and speakers, dirt or otherwise.
  • Restart your iPhone to clear the cached memory.
  • Finally, try factory resetting to get rid of any possible cause of this issue.
Heating issues:
It's not that common as the previous issues, yet, there are reports of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max overheating. Look at some solutions for mobile overheating problem. One of the complaints indicated that the issue occurred when the user was using GPS on the iPhone. This issue got users worried because it made the device not easy to hold which is troublesome as to how far this issue can affect the long term life of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max battery.

Suggested solutions:
  • While this is not as much of a common issue as other ones, it is a serious issue. This is why we recommend that if your iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max often heats up so much that it is uncomfortable for you to hold, take it to your nearest Apple store so that technicians can deal with this issue.
  • If the problem with overheating is not often happening with your device, perhaps it is a whether issue caused when you leave your iPhone exposed to the sun in your car for long periods of time, for example, or neat a heat source.
  • Try to remove the iPhone case as it could be causing the heating problem.
  • Also some apps like games and AR apps can cause the device to overheat.
  • Don't use the iPhone while charging as it can cause overheating issue.
  • Finally, restart your iPhone to clear the cache and lighten the memory space.
Bluetooth & connectivity issues:
Different users have reported this issue in different ways. Some have said that their bluetooth does not connect while driving in the car while others say that the bluetooth connection is initiated fine at first, but it then disconnects within only a few minutes.

Suggested solution:
Connectivity problems with iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are usually relating directly to a software problem. So, the main recommendation to solve this issue is to update the operating system of your iPhone to the latest iOS version.

Other solutions are as straight forward as disabling your Bluetooth on the iPhone 11 Pro and enabling it back or turning the iPhone off and turning it back on again. The last solution would be to check the accessory that you're trying to connect to your iPhone to make sure that it is fully charged and the disconnecting issue is not a battery issue.
Upgrading iOS issue:
Some users faced issues when trying to update their iPhone's iOS version to iOS 14.1. The reason for this is that Apple has closed the IPSW file after releasing the upgrade.

Suggested solution:
This issue is easily solved that Apple has officially released the iOS 14.2 version which has the solution, not only to this problem, but to many other software caused issues that iPhone users faced when the iOS 14 was first released.
While fixing most of these iPhone 11 Pro issues would need a trip back to the Apple store, choosing the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro over here is considered an automatic solution to all of these problems as professionals would have already tested and fixed any potential problem. Moreover, the 12-month warranty of the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro would cover repairing any of these issues or any future problems that may appear in the future for free.