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december 28,2021

Google Pixel 5 in 2020: Everything You Need to Know About
by Ishaan Seth June 9, 2020
Google often releases its latest phones during the latter part of the year, but with the ongoing pandemic, we might see some changes. The current coronavirus pandemic has altered the smartphone industry already, with delays in production happening at all fronts. It won’t be surprising if Google forgoes the launch of their latest handset which is the Google Pixel 5.

Although Pixel 5 will not be released for months just yet, many Android users are eager to know more about Google’s soon-to-be-released mobile phone. So far, there is not enough information available, but based on research and a few theories, here’s what we can expect from this tech company’s latest flagship device.
Release Date
Google’s Pixel series is following a certain scheme when it comes to naming their devices which is why we believe that the next device will be named Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL. There is a possibility that the company will change the name of its latest lineup based on their looks and specifications which is highly likely to occur.

With regards to the release date, Google often releases their new handsets during the month of October. We are expecting Google Pixel 5 to appear in that month as well but let us not forget that there is a good possibility that there will be delays because of the pandemic. Take for example the scheduled release of the Pixel 4a which was already delayed because of the crisis. October is still the prime month for doing a launch since it is close to one of the biggest holidays this year, but we will have to wait and see.
Google Pixel 5 in 2020: Everything You Need to Know About
Rumored Design
Google made certain changes in the design of their previous devices from their shape, to the camera module, as well as the fingerprint reader from the back. That said, it is only fair to say that the next Pixel is going to be an upgraded version of the previous lineup, however, there are some doubts to this, especially when those who were behind the design team were bummed out even before last year’s devices were released in the market.

There is a huge possibility that Google Pixel 5 will be completely different from its predecessor. For starters, Pixel 4 came with radar features. However, it wasn’t adopted fairly quickly, plus the company hasn’t made many updates regarding it which means that it may no longer be included in the next line of Pixel smartphones. 

However, with regards to the current design of the camera module, it will probably remain for Pixel 5 considering that it can be seen as some form of branding for this line of devices from Google. Basically, people can spot a Pixel phone based on the design of the rear camera.
Processing Power
Google’s Pixel series are often equipped with the combination of the latest Android OS and a Qualcomm processor. We are confident that the next Pixel series will be running with Android 11, but there is still some doubt as to what kind of Qualcomm processor they will be using for the next mobile phones.

Several leaks regarding the latest handsets point to having processors that belong to the mid-range category. If these rumors are true, then we are looking at Snapdragon 765 to 768G for the newest Pixel series.

Why change anything? Google wants to cut back on the cost of their handsets since installing the Snapdragon 865 into their device will cause its base price to be at $1,000 which is the same price tag as that of Samsung’s Galaxy S20. Even if the company decides to cut back on certain areas of their new device, chances are the base price will still be steep especially when it is at $899. 

In case that the company does choose a processor within the middle range, we may be given a Pixel series that is not only budget-friendly but has enough processing power to handle day-to-day usage, plus compatibility to the latest 5G tech. This can even attract those who are into budget phones that pack a punch.
Additional Specifications for Google Pixel 5
Based on leaked details regarding the newest handset by Google, we are confident that they won’t be touching the rest of the specs of their previous models. What this means is that you can get this device with around 6GB RAM and internal storage of up to 64GB. Additionally, dual-lens will be installed at the rear of the device, dust, and water-resistant rating of IP68, and wireless charging capabilities just to name a few.

In terms of battery life, we are certain that Google will be using a better mAh for their handheld device because they don’t want to have the same issue as their previous models. If this is anything to go by, there is a good chance that Google will address this already. If not, the latest Pixel phone will not take off in the market. The best option to buy a refurbished google pixel phone is right here.
Estimated Retail Price
There is a good chance that we will be seeing the new Pixel priced like previous models. Based on a survey that Google conducted on what price range people are more comfortable with, we might be seeing Pixel 5 sold at $699 for its base price. When this happens, it means that you will only pay an additional $50 from the original price of the Pixel phone released in 2016 which is great news for those who are on a tight budget.

With regards to availability, this depends on what features the company will be adding to its lineup. If they will still integrate Motion Sense just like with the previous flagship phones, India won’t be seeing this model in their market. On the other hand, if Google Pixel 5 will not have this feature, we can expect to see their soon-to-be-released device in more markets.

However, given Google’s track record when it comes to their devices, the availability of their phones worldwide is not likely to happen. Still, it would be nice to see the newest addition of Pixel in the market soon enough.

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