Microsoft is Bringing Xbox Gaming to PC, iPhone & iPad


october 28,2021

Xbox Cloud Brings Ultimate Gaming to PCs, iPhones, & iPads

by Ishaan Seth April 22, 2021
Xbox just announced that more players will be able to join games regardless of the console or type of hardware thanks to the cloud.

The process will begin with a select few of Xbox's Game Pass Ultimate members who will be invited to be the first to try and test the beta version of the Xbox Cloud Gaming experience.

Users will be able to use the browsers on their Windows 10 PC devices, iPhones, and iPads to access over 100 games on the Xbox cloud and connect to the rich and entertaining world of gaming by going to

The lucky invitees can use browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Edge to access the Xbox Gaming Cloud and start playing. Invitees will need to connect a gaming controller to their device of choice via Bluetooth or USB. Touch controllers on iPads and iPhones can also be used for over 50 games.
The idea behind this breakthrough stems from the Xbox creators' principle that gaming is another way in which people can be connected. So, by making gaming available on different devices via the Xbox Cloud, a huge opportunity will be created where 3 billion gamers from around the world will reach each other and find shared interests through gaming.

This step allows space for an even bigger opportunity that promises gamers all over the world that in the future, playing with your friends will no longer be dependent on hardware.

Xbox Cloud Brings Ultimate Gaming to PCs, iPhones, & iPads

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