iPhone 11 Water Damage Problem – Dropped iPhone 11 in Water


October 27, 2021

iPhone 11 Water Damage Problem. Best Guide on How to Fix!

by Ishaan Seth April 23, 2021
Since it is one of the most popular iPhones to this day, users must be prepared for any issues or accidents that may come along the way while using the iPhone 11.

Water damage is not far from the iPhone 11 unlike what many people might think. Granted, the iPhone 11 is water resistant, however, this does not mean that it is waterproof. This means that the iPhone 11 water damage is possible.

With such an expensive iPhone, there is no need to sacrifice the entire device over water damage. In this post, the QwikFone team is going to walk you through the differences between waterproof and water resistant iPhones as well as how to deal with the situation if you dropped your iPhone 11 in water or even if your iPhone 11 is not turning on and you suspect it has something to do with water damage.

Why Would iPhone 11 Get Water Damage?

While it is very exciting to watch YouTube videos where people are dunking their iPhones into water, the reality is quite different that YouTube shows. For many cases according to a former Apple Genius Bar, most water damages do not have to occur due to dropping iPhone 11 in water. Surprisingly, water and liquid damage can happen to iPhones on golf courses, at the gym, or even on hikes. Before we get into the details of water damage, let's take a look at why it would happen when the specs of the iPhone 11 specifically says it is water resistant.

iPhone 11 Water Damage Problem. Best Guide on How to Fix!

Waterproof Vs. Water Resistance

The issue with smartphone and iPhone water damage accidents lies in the fact that most people mistake water resistance for being waterproof. While both features are related to water damage, the way each of these two features works and the result that each of them delivers is different from one another. 

Water resistance, also known as splash resistance, means that the phone can endure being splashed with water drops such as light rain or a splash from the shower.

Waterproof, on the other hand, means that the phone can be fully submerged in water for sometime without being damaged. The depth of water and the duration of time both depends on the manufacturer's specification of each individual device.

How to Check Your iPhone for Water Damage?

While iPhone 11 water damage can be a pain to deal with, checking for water damage is very simple and you can do it yourself without needing professional help. With iPhone 11 and all other models of iPhones, except for iPhone 4s and down, Water damage shows in the iPhone's SIM card slot. So, to check if your iPhone has water damage, follow these steps:
  • Make sure that the outside body of the iPhone is 100% dry before beginning.
  • Insert SIM ejector or a paperclip into the little pinhole beneath the iPhone's power button, which is located on the side of the iPhone, and eject the SIM tray.
  • Remove the SIM tray with the SIM card from the iPhone.
  • Turn the iPhone on its side so that the screen is facing down
  • Use a flashlight to look into the SIM tray. Check the LCI colour, it will tell you whether your iPhone has water damage or not.
  1. Red LCI: Bad news, your iPhone does have water damage and you need to get it professionally repaired out of warranty.
  2. Pink LCI: In this case, pink is considered as a shade of red. So, your iPhone is also damaged and out of warranty.
  3. Yellow LCI: In this case, your iPhone is safe. There is no water damage present.
  4. White / Silver LCI: There is no water damage in your iPhone. If your iPhone 11 is not turning on, then the issue is caused by something else.
  5. Other colours: If you see dark colours that may be dirt or gunk, then your SIM card slot just needs cleaning. Use a brand-new toothbrush to avoid static.

External Signs of iPhone Water Damage

How to tell your iPhone is water damaged?

While the iPhone 11 is water resistant, there are situations where it can catch water damages from heavy rain, steam, or other water sources. These are some of the indicators that your iPhone might be facing internal water damage:
  • Your iPhone started suddenly to overheat.
  • The iPhone's speakers are not working - no sound.
  • The iPhone won't charge.
  • The SIM card is not recognized by the iPhone.
  • Inexplicable poor network service - no service.
  • Apple logo is not loading when rebooting the iPhone.
  • The screen is frozen on the Apple logo upon restarting the iPhone.
  • The camera isn't working.
  • The iPhone does not turn on.
  • Lines are showing on the screen.
  • Black screen.

How to Deal With an iPhone Water Damage?

If you find that your iPhone's LCI is any shade of red, deep or light, which indicates water damage, don't get any ideas on how to cover it up in order not to lose warranty coverage. There is a reason why water damage voids most warranties. This sort of damage is serious and can compromise your whole iPhone. This is why it is important to get a professional to deal with this water damage even if it means it will cost you money, the cost would be little compared to the whole iPhone price if you lost it and had to replace it.

So, does this mean there is nothing you can do to save your iPhone even temporarily?

Absolutely not, there are a few steps that you can take to save your iPhone from water damage until you get it to a repair professional.
  1. Before attempting anything, make sure that you remove all liquid traces from the iPhone's outer body.
  2. Keep the iPhone in a horizontal position with the screen facing down.
  3. Use a soft cloth to dry the iPhone without moving it around much.
  4. Remove the SIM tray & SIM card.
  5. Place the iPhone on a flat dry surface with the screen facing down.
  6. place desiccants   around the iPhone and on top of it. While MacWorld recommends using rice, please do not use rice as it is not an effective desiccant. Instead, use commercial desiccants   that are like the packets that come in vitamins and electronics packages.
  7. Wait! Give your iPhone time to dry. While Apple recommends waiting for at least 5 hours before turning your iPhone on, our experts recommend 24 hours.
  8. After 24 hours, plug your iPhone into the charger and turn it on. If it turns on, everything is fine! If not, contact a repair specialist ASAP!
  9. Backup your iPhone once it is turned on.
Looking for expert iPhone repair professionals?

Since water damage voids iPhone warranty policy whether your iPhone 11 is refurbished or new, looking for a repair professional must be in order. If you're in the UK, QwikFone's repair centre has the best iPhone repair experts in the country. The repair services are affordable, fast, and come with warranty!

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