Buying a Refurbished Phone is an Eco-Friendly Option

Why Purchasing a Refurbished Phone is an Environment-Friendly Option?

 by Ishaan Seth May 12, 2020

Mobile phones have become part of our daily lives, and although they make life convenient for us, we need to think of their environmental impact. Just imagine billions of people using smartphones and when a new model appears, more than half of that number will ditch their old device to get the trendiest phone in the market. All of these handheld devices end up in the dump which adds to the volume of garbage that is damaging the environment.

Statistics show that up to 140 million smartphone units end up in garbage dumps each year. What this means is that up to 80,000 pounds of lead are being leaked into the earth where it can cause more environmental hazards. By keeping used smartphones in the market, this number can be reduced significantly. People are encouraged to buy refurbished phone because, aside from still being usable, it can also have environmental benefits as well.

Benefits of Purchasing Refurbished Phones: Why buy refurbished phone? There are several advantages to investing in phones that have been refurbished by manufacturers or by professional service centers. Here are a few that are worth mentioning.

Helps Save Energy: Did you know that for every 500 refurbished phones being used, the amount of energy saved is enough to power a single home for a year? If half of the world’s cell phone users consider keeping their old phones or go for refurbished ones instead, it is possible for us to power a significant number of households each year which has a positive impact on the environment as well. Whenever we can save energy, the better it will be for the environment.

Minimize Greenhouse Emissions: Those who buy and sell refurbished phones can help reduce greenhouse emissions. Studies show that circulating used electronic devices can contribute to environmental benefits. Researchers show that creating a smartphone uses up to 75kg of Carbon Dioxide. Add to this the energy emitted from production as well as the disposal of mobile phones and you can already get an idea of how much greenhouse gases are being produced. Through purchasing and selling mobile devices, it is possible for us to reduce the environmental impact of smartphones. And when we are able to lessen our impact on the environment, the better it will be for the planet that we are living in.

Why Purchasing a Refurbished Phone is an Environment-Friendly Option?

Preserves Raw Materials: Another example of environmental benefits to consider when you buy refurbished phone is that it helps preserve the Earth’s raw materials. This is because the more we use refurbished devices, the longer their life expectancy becomes which can translate to manufacturers reducing the number of new smartphones being produced. This, in turn, can have a positive effect on raw materials because there will be less need for them.

Contribute to Circulating Electronics: What other benefits can be gained when you buy refurbished phone? How about getting discounted rates? Buying refurbished devices online can yield discounted rates for mobile devices that have been repaired by professionals. Manufacturers are offering software updates that are compatible with old devices which can help customers keep their devices longer.

Defect Rate is Low: If you purchase a refurbished phone from the manufacturer or perhaps a reputable seller, the defect rate is going to be significantly small. Manufacturers only work with professional service crew to handle their repairs to maintain the quality of their devices prior to being re-sold in the market. The same goes true with reputable sellers who fix phones thoroughly before selling their phones. This is one of the best benefits to enjoy when you stick with refurbished electronics.

Warranty in Place: It is possible to get a warranty even when you buy a refurbished phone as long as you purchase from reputable sites like Qwikfone. Aside from getting refurbished smartphones directly from the manufacturer, online sellers can be a good place to get one too. Depending on the retailer, you can get up to three months or a full year worth of warranty.

Good Test Product: Another advantage of refurbished devices is that they can be used as a test product if you are considering buying your child a phone. You see, sticking with refurbished smartphones is much cheaper compared to purchasing a brand-new gadget that your child may or may not like at all. Giving refurbished devices a test run can help you save money, plus, you aren’t adding to the electronic wastes that are being disposed of in landfills today.

Downsides of Refurbished Smartphones: Although there are several environmental benefits associated with refurbishing old devices, there are downsides to it as well. This should be considered if you want to buy refurbished phone.

Malfunctioning Device: One of the downsides of purchasing refurbished phones is the possibility of malfunctioning more often because they have already been used. Aside from physical damage, the internal function of these smartphones may be affected as well, unless they have been repaired and refurbished by professionals. Among the possible issues that may crop up are camera glitches, device turning off suddenly, and even broken buttons just to name a few.

Less Warranty: Like it was mentioned before, refurbished electronics may still come with a warranty, but it won’t be the same as that of new devices. This can be a problem especially when your phone malfunctions in just a few months of use. With a limited warranty in place, it can cost you some money to have your phone replaced or fixed.

Where to Get Refurbished Phones: Fortunately, there is no shortage of refurbished smartphones in the market today as manufacturers and retailers alike buying and selling refurbished devices at discounted rates. If you are going to get one, it is always a good idea to know where to purchase it. Buying directly from the manufacturer is always recommended because their phones are repaired and restored by their experienced crew. Another place where you can get high-quality refurbished devices is at QwikFone. Here you will find the latest smartphones that have been professionally refurbished to ensure quality. All items here have been repaired, tested, and restored to factory settings prior to being sold. Each phone has a thorough description included ensuring that you know what you are getting.

Conclusion: In this Age of Smartphones, there is a need to get the latest handheld device. Unfortunately, this mindset has left our landfills overflowing with electronic wastes from discarded cell phones. Aside from being a waste of money, these e-wastes can cause chemicals to spread through the land which can affect not just animals and plants, but humans as well.

Choosing refurbished phones can have several benefits, not just in terms of finances, but for the environment too. Aside from being sold at discounted prices, refurbished phones are good for the environment because they are fixed and restored to be used again. This means that they are in circulation longer thus they won’t end up in the dump. This is considerably better than being disposed of when they can be fixed and restored to factory settings for someone else to use.

We need to consider the environmental waste that we are producing when we keep on disposing of our old phones which can still be fixed or utilized for years. Now is the best time to start reconsidering how our habits are affecting nature and those living in it.