Frequently Asked Questions About Refurbished Phones Batteries


January 07,2022

Answering The Most Asked Questions About Refurbished Phones Batteries
by Ishaan Seth December 12, 2019
Refurbished phones usually raise a lot of questions since most smartphone users are only familiar with buying new phones or used phones that could be damaged. This is why the idea of a refurbished phone still many people wonder what could that really means. Should you trust a refurbished phone? Do refurbished phones have new batteries? How long should I expect the battery to function properly? What condition would the phone's screen be in? So many questions that, without answers, can cause users even to lose the chance of paying less for a refurbished phone and saving money on their next smartphone.

This post will answer your most asked questions about the refurbished phones and what to expect when buying a pristine phone.
Refurbished phones battery life
It is quite understandable for the first detail that most users are concerned about in a refurbished phone to be the battery life, health, and overall condition. After all, this is the main source of power for your phone to start working in the first place.

Refurbished phones generally should have at least the ability to retain at least 80% of the battery life to be considered pristine. For QwikFone refurbished smartphones, if the battery doesn't meet this 80% standard, we replace it with a brand-new battery to ensure proper performance for the pristine condition of the phone. So, to answer the first question about the refurbished phones and whether they have a new battery or not, the answer is yes, if the original battery of the phone needs to be replaced, the phone will have a new battery.
Answering The Most Asked Questions About Refurbished Phones Batteries
How to check the refurbished phone battery life? 
This is one of the most common questions we get regarding refurbished phones and especially for iPhones because iPhones, for many users, are considered the hardest and most expensive to replace or repair their batteries. So, before you purchase a refurbished phone, learn how to check the life and health of its battery.
Before conducting this check, we need to clarify the difference between the battery's health and battery life. Although most people may use these two words interchangeably, they mean two different things.
  • Battery life: is what most people think of when they talk about smartphone batteries, which is how long a single battery charge will last before you need to recharge your phone.
  • Battery health: is the period of time the battery will function properly over the course of its life before deteriorating.
When buying a refurbished phone, you will be able to check its battery health from the phone's settings in an iPhone while Android phones have apps that can help you inspect the phone's battery health. The battery life check, on the other hand, will require that you conduct a few tests to ensure your battery is not losing juice too quickly whether you are testing an iPhone or an Android phone from Google, Samsung, or any other brand.
Detailed test of your mobile phones battery
There are a number of specific signs that a mobile phone's battery is going bad or needs to be changed. These signs are going to be the same indicators that you use to test your refurbished phone's battery to ensure that it is in the required satisfactory condition.
  • The first step is to make sure that the battery is 100% charged and then start performing simple tasks such as making a phone call, record a short video, raise the screen brightness.
  • Check the battery consumption. If your phone's battery is losing power too quickly than it should, the battery is not in a good shape.
  • Notice how much time the battery takes between charges. Is it long enough? Does your phone battery need to be plugged into the charger every two hours? If so, it's not a good battery, then.
  • Keep an eye for the phone heating while charging as well as while doing normal smartphone tasks. Phones over heating are often a sign that something is wrong with the battery.
  •  is the period of time the battery will function properly over the course of its life before deteriorating.
The smartphone battery issues all stem from the fact that lithium-ion batteries cannot last more than a day or two, in the best of smartphones, before needing to be recharged. However, this is expected to be changed in the future as researchers at the University of Texas are working on bettering the performance of a lithium-ion battery by replacing the cobalt components in smartphones batteries with manganese and an increased percentage of nickel to increase and better the lithium-ion battery life. This research, and others are promising us that soon we can have smartphones batteries that charge over air and take 30 seconds to charge among other amazing improvements!
Does a refurbished phone come with a new battery?
The state of the battery of a refurbished phone will depend on the phone's own condition and grade. For example, refurbished phones of the grades C & B tend to have worn out batteries and the seller is not obligated to replace them with new batteries as the grade of the phone already indicates the state of its battery.

With pristine phones, also known as grade A, the refurbished phone will come with its battery as long as it is in a like-new condition. To meet this standard, the battery has to retain 80% to 90% of its original capacity as brand-new. If the phone's battery is below this standard, the refurbished phone is, then, going to come with a new battery.
Do refurbished Samsung phones have new batteries?
Samsung phones are known for having one of the greatest battery life expectancy of all smartphones in the market right now. This is why a pristine Samsung phone can have its own original battery that was installed by the manufacturer upon creating the phone and remain in a like-new condition with awesome performance.

In cases where the Samsung phone battery needs to be changes, OEM batteries are the best replacement to have a new battery in a refurbished phone that offers the exact same performance of the battery that the phone had in its brand-new condition as OEM parts are made by the phone's own manufacturer.
So, you must make sure that you are buying a pristine refurbished Samsung phone to ensure that it has a new battery.
Do refurbished cell phones have worse battery life?
Another question that is commonly asked about refurbished phones and, in a way, this question stems from the misconception that refurbished phones are inherently worse than brand-new phones just because they cost less and were pre-owned or had some issue repaired.

However, pristine refurbished phones should, and must, perform as good as new phones. Otherwise, they won't qualify for the pristine condition. This performance level, of course, includes the battery life. So, as long as you avoid sketchy refurbished phones that have no guarantee of their condition and performance and go for pristine phones that come with warranty, you can make sure that your refurbished cell phone's battery will be as good as new!
Do refurbished iPhones have new batteries?
With refurbished iPhones, it is super easy to tell whether it has a healthy battery or not. In general, iPhones have distinctive properties that can help you tell how good or bad any of its parts actually are. For example, the screen brightness will give away the quality of the LCD and whether it has been replaced or have the original Apple LCD part.

Same goes for the battery. The user can check the iPhone settings to see the battery health and perform the steps that mentioned in a previous section of this post to know the state of your refurbished iPhone battery.
Once again, pristine iPhones will either have a pristine battery, or a brand-new OME or grade-A battery.
To sum up, the battery condition of a refurbished phone is directly related to the condition of the phone itself. Refurbished phones that are pristine has to have perfect batteries. You can buy these phones here. Whether the phone has the same battery in a good condition or its battery has been replaced with a new one, your pristine refurbished phone should work as good as new in terms of battery as for every other aspect.